Car to car

I was at the grocery store earlier, and when I came out there was a business card stuck in the seal on my window. This particular card was advertising a new car wash in town, it was a very nice double sided card and it had all of the important info on it. My question to you guys is, how do you think this would work in our industry? Of course you would probably only target the upscale cars just like the houses that we target when we go door to door. I’m just thinking that you could hit so many cars in a very short time, and I think it looks way nicer than a flier stuck under the wipers.

what all info did the card say?

I would rather target a house than someone’s car in a lot – seems “low-class” and there might be municipal codes forbidding the practice (even if one seeks approval from a store.) I hate seeing a bunch of fliers that people remove from their windshield and toss to the ground.

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it offered a special discount if you go there by a certain date, so there is the call to action. It told about their full detail packages. it had the address, phone number.etc.

did you go get your car washed?

that is the question.

actually I did today

Victim of a marketing campaign…:smiley:

Im Not big ok putting thing son cars in parking lots. This seem sa little cheezy to me. And un professional. That is not the portrait i want to paint for my company :cool:

only one way to find out if this method is frowned upon…stick a few thous’ on cars in your area and see how many complaints versus calls for quotes you receive.

the more i think about it i realise this wouldnt work for me as it is for the most part raining over here.

Laminate cards i suppose would though.

write it on the wind screen with a water proof marker.

Good one.