Cards again, but

Hey gang,

I know that most of us here have talked about sending cards to customers. Now I don’t mean business or post cards, but greeting cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, etc. And we try to do this for most of our customers.

My question for this post is: What do you think of sending a card to a customer that has just lost a loved one? Sort of a “We’re sorry for your loss” type of thing. Of course absolutley no special offers, coupons, or any other type of marketing materials. Just a condolenses cards. I would personally sign it with no hint of trying to get their business. Is this too personal, too morbid? I have had this delemma for some time now, as several of my customers have died or lost a loved one recently.

I am leaning toward do it, but if the concensus says “too much for a death”, then I will certainly reconsider.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Bert,
I would say if you are close enough to a customer to know when one of their relatives dies then it would be warranted for sure. I would do it because I operate as a guy who offers “personalized” service and that would take me right down that line of thinking.

If you send a card it is from one human being to another, not from some company. Nothing is more personal than dealing with death and for you to send them something caring… that is gold.

Great example- I got a card from the building for which my mother was a resident. It was a card that I am sure they use over and over and it meant nothing.

I recieved a card from the manager of my mothers building expressing her true sympothy for my loss and it touched me deeply.

Never send a card from “the company”. Send it from another human being.

I agree with CFP.

Give it the human touch. The generic company thing may be a little too cold. (not sure if cold is the word)

I completely agree with CFP. If you want to send it, send it from you not the company. That is a real touchy subject and needs to be handled delicately!!

I send out a handpicked, handwritten card to a customer when they have had a loss in the family, often times I will make a donation to the charity they have listed in the obituary and sometimes we will send flowers or a plant. Last winter I had a cutsomer whose husband passed away right before a big snow storm so I had one of our crews go by and plow the driveway for her because I knew she would have people coming to her home and I didn’t want her to worry about parking of all things.

I do also send cards to customers when they have a new birth in the family.

People could probably care less if we sent a card or what not, but I feel it’s the right thing to do and it makes me feel good.

If they have been left on their own, I’d consider leaving milk, bread & other consumerables as well as the card. The last thing they want to do at a time like that is go shopping in a supermarket.


I think this is an extremely important question, and I respect your humility in asking it.

This is dangerous ground, since we’re talking about real life horrors, and the most pain people experience.

[B]Please openly and sincerely express any sympathy and compassion that your heart moves you to[/B], but don’t ever try to leverage something so horrible to earn more $$, or simply “build the relationship”.

Not that you are suggesting you would, but with stuff like this, you’ve gotta [B]just care about people[/B], and turn off the marketing and business-building part of the heart and brain.

You’ll never offend or hurt anyone by extending sincere concern and sympathy, you’ll only help.

Bert, I understand why you’re going through right now. I cannot answer your question since I’m having your same kind of doubts … trying to anticipate how they’ll receive it.

I keep thinking that they might take it wrong even when is not, but I’m leaning more towards the fact that they won’t even pay attention to it at the moment, is something they’ll see after everything settles.

I’m very lucky to have all the people that I care for close to me, and never lost anybody that close, but during a moment like that you probably don’t care about nothing else in the world, too much stuff to process.

My advice: follow your heart, and forget that you own a company. If you feel like is the right thing to do, just do it.

Well said Kevin and I couldn’t agree more. :slight_smile:

I personally would send a card. People need others at a time like that. As has been stated already… no marketing. I agree with Paul and Kevin’s post completely. I don’t think anyone would percieve the card as a way to market to them as long as you were sincere, which obviously you are.

I agree w/ sending a personal card - no company info. This thread is kinda depressing.