Career Change

I know very little about the business - but I’ve been watching alot of the videos on YouTube and getting excited about learning more - I’m at a point where I want to expand into a new line of work that doesn’t suck the life out of me - I also want to spend more time with family - I want to learn more and hopefully make a full-time go of this! Thanks for all the time you put in to the videos!

A job that doesn’t suck the life out of you? What’s that?

This can be a very rewarding business choice. That said, any business started from the ground up can and will take alot out of you in both time and effort (money to). To make this or any business a full time operation takes time. I would not dump a good paying job and start doing windows. Building clients and income form them takes more time than you may think by looking at videos. Can it be done? Absolutely. Do you have time to work this business part time to start? Many guys get started part time until the income can replace their full time job.

I love the fact that it’s my own. I can work as many or as few days a week as I choose. For me, the fever to make more and build bigger does take more time than I had originally thought but it has been worth it. Good luck and feel free to ask as many questions as you want. Most guys here are very open to help.

I appreciate the pointers! I do have a job currently that pays well. The plan is to start off part-time and see where it goes. I plan to meet with a former window washing owner who had his business for several years. I just want more control of my life and like you stated a business that is your own. I look forward to getting more advice.