Carry All Window Cleaning Trolley


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That is seriously the largest piece of crap i have ever seen. Are you a drunk?

Even Larry wouldn’t post a reply such as this.

Well, maybe if Linda asked me to…


Can you post more pictures of this and an explanation of the components? I like the idea.
I was trying to do something like this a few years ago. I’m interested in the piece second from the bottom. The long cylinder? Is that for the strip washer?


First I’d like to apology to the moderators putting treads in the wrong Sub forum.
Didn’t know until llaczko pointed this out to me.

Yes that cylinder is 4" inch PVC pipe, I cut about 3" wide slot on top of pipe, end caps on ether end that is where you put your cleaning solution.
No carrying buckets.

And yes it looks a bit ruff, If I’d seen it the first time from a distance I would of said the same.
No I am not drunk.

WOW … Give the guy a break … Yeah its not the prettiest thing one has laid eyes on but if it helps him out
with store fronts its all good.

Just curious, would you as a business owner who had a storefront hire someone who was using a rig that looked like that? If I ran a store and someone stopped that ragged looking thing in front of it, I would think a drunk was looking for beer money. Thats all I am saying. I didnt really think the bloke was actually using it.

Have you ever thought about a little red flyer wagon. It has four wheels and will hold all your equipment. Saw a few Mall window cleaners using them. That would look much better. Plus you could put your name and number on the side. yeah?

Hey its a pretty good prototype. I would look into make version 2.0 a little neater but hey it looks functional. Time is money and if makes you knock work out quicker I’m all for it.

Yes you are probably right.
Being using this for past 7 years an up date is in order.
Complete rebuild!!! lol

I like his “trolly” set up. Perhaps Joker has a picture of his set up that we can learn from.

Ralph Wiens
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How do you empty the dirty solution? The PVC pipe looks like it is permanently attached and I don’t see a drain plug.

PVC Pipe just hooks on or off .

Hello He’s the Man,

Again you show your ability to come up with seasoned designs…I know that a device like this is highly functional when doing store front in a city. You park your car and move from shop to shop ! Much easier to move about with all your gear !

Your design show ingenuity and great ability to think things through, you my friend are a developer and inventor…You being a "True Son of Ettore " carries this ability !

Being a window cleaner is being a problem solver…Coming up with things and ways to solve problems give one the insight to being ADVANCED !

Looks aren’t everything …Final Products are ! Actually I think the look is quite impressive and if I wasn’t a window cleaner I would think man this guy is a shaker and a mover !

Funny I was thinking about going after a ton of street work in downtown Seattle and to use a Segway to move around with my tools !


[COLOR="#ff8c00"][B][SIZE=“4”]Ooooooooooh Yeah…[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]

That would be awesome

[B][COLOR="#ff8c00"][SIZE=“6”]Ooooooooooh Yeaaaaaaaaaah…[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

I was a manager at Radio shack for a couple of years and had two different window cleaners. I can’t remember ever even looking at their equipment much less giving a rip what they used to do the job. So, there is your answer…

Think you can get a ladder rack for a sectional on that thing? I been looking at those smart cars for the same thing.Yeah id get laughed but Id be laughing all the way to the bank when I save $250 a week on my fuel bill!

Here in Providence RI, if I took my eyes off of the Segway for one second it’d be gone.:smiley: