Carrying Di tanks

How does everyone carry there DI Tanks? I found these welder tank straps that look pretty neat.

I usually use a rachet strap to hold it to the back of my passenger seat.

Quick – call OSHA!

Shh Larry!:eek: I asked you nicely not to tell.:wink:

just get a welder to fabricate something for you, dont be soooooooo cheap guys…

get some 16 Gage sheet metal and cut half moons in them and put a square cut out at the bottom with a 3’ round return for the base use a chain to attach will last forever, that is how old school welders did it those nylon straps wont last a season

Why not look into scuba tank holders? I did a quick search on goog and found them as cheap as $99.00. Don’t reinvent the wheel. DI tanks and scuba tanks are pretty much the same thing.