Casinos still operating?

Here in Australia all our clubs/bars etc have closed.
Are your casinos closed also over in the states??

Good I want to take what little I have left an throw it on black

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Atlantic City shut down their casinos before the rest of NJ went “stay at home”

Las Vegas is shut down.

Our casinos are supposedly opening up in May. They’re owned by the Indians and operated on sovereign land. They’re closed for the time being out of consideration for the situation but don’t have to adhere federal or state mandated shelter in place laws.

Indian gaming casinos in California are shutdown for the time. I used to work for a fire department on an Indian reservation and there was always a concern about budget cuts leading to lay-offs. Well the main source of income (the casinos) have not been in operation in weeks. I worry about my former co-workers getting laid off due to lack of funding.

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