CCU Checklist

I just reached a verbal agreement with a local builder to begin doing his company’s ccu. I realize how good this work can be, and how important it is to be prepared. Besides the normal products/equipment that I would take to a storefront or home, what else do I need?

The following items are always in my vehicle: soap, scrubbers, squeegees, 6 inch scraper (with extra blades), free scraper from wcr :D, poles, 50 towels, and a few misc tools. I don’t carry any other chemicals with me.

I’ve been reading the ccu threads and keep seeing phosphuric acid for loosening debris…what else do I need that’s specific to ccu? I have my waiver all ready to go.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

probabley need a heavy duty shop vac to remove all construction dust. Be very careful with the phosphuric acid if you haven’t use it before (for removal of motar on exterior glass) do not want to get it on the frames, you’ll ruin them.

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I was introduced to a product last year called Cement Off. Its made by Titan Labs. It is by far the best stuff I have seen for concrete and mortar. You apply the product let it dwell and it basically turns the cement to the equivalent of a spit wad. It is very safe stuff and wont harm surface, it only attacks the cement agents. We used it on painted concrete block that had concrete splatter on and it was the trick and didnt harm the paint at all.

It is a must have for CCU. Chris should give Harv a call as they have it and can sell it to WCR.

thanks dave. i do keep a handheld dewalt vac with me. i guess i would burn that up pretty quickly.

does the phos. acid hurt commercial frames that you find in stripcenter storefronts?

mike, any risk of damaging the frames? do you use it for drywall mud and stickers or do you just scrape those?

The frames will be fine. Its components only attck cement so stickers and mud your have to do something else.

steel wool is a good thing to have if you don’t already. I like to bring along trash bags for all the stickers and plastic. Also booties that fit your feet are good to have. I also like to use a drop towel or towel that I can put down on the floor or window sill. just to be extra carfull with a almost complete house.

All of the things mentioned are handy to have on a ccu. Another good product is magic eraser. After you scrape the silicon with your razor, take a damp magic eraser pad and clean up the smeared leftovers. It’s a lot faster than trying to scrape all of it

I use a spray bottle sometimes - especially when there is concrete or stuck on fines. I just spray the window & use my 6 " scraper first before even thinking about putting a T-bar on the debris. Just rinse your scraper in a seperate bucket. This is the fastest way for me when the window is loaded with gunk.

thanks fellas. great info.

Weird… they dont have that stuff in there catalog… We are reordering with them this week… we will definitely pick some up.

thanks for the tip!

It was being beta tested several of us have got it last year at Gary’s picnic. I recently talked to Norm and they are ready to sell he told me. It is great stuff.

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Biggest thing to have in the truck - plenty of Scratch waivers. Never do CCU w/out them!:wink:

When I get to a place the first time I go through the place I use my hog hair brush, not my T-bar. I carry a small bucket (1 gallon), hog hair brush, and scraper to do my initial cleaning.

Mike, with the Cement Off, would you suggest using a hogs hair brush like Dan Fields uses to prevent too much pressure causing the mortar from scratching the glass? Or does the Cement Off dissolve the mortar enough to where this would not be a problem?

Its not a problem its really weird it becomes like wet paper. Just like a spit wad. So you could WFP if you want. When we did it we just scraped it right off. The whole spot just pops off.

[B]Hogshair brush[/B] for applying phosphoric acid solution.

Larry, do you get your brushes locally ?

I’ve been looking around for Hogs hair brushes with no luck.

I know WCR carries them.

Larry, do you get your brushes locally ?

I’ve been looking around for Hogs hair brushes with no luck.

I know WCR carries them.