CCU Job in Denton TX on Craigslist

They will pay cash.

Don’t Forget That Waiver!



Nice catch man! When I saw the post I thought you were coming to my neck of the woods to work. “sweet” I thought.


I called theh number and got a voicemail. I asked them to call me back, but I didn’t leave anything other than a number. I wonder if it is another window cleaner in this area. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Nice catch, though! Hope all is well at WOW!:wink:

Well, it didn’t take that long for them to reply to my message. I got a call back from a lady that said she had to have this done today. I asked her what it entailes: She said cleaning the paint and mud off of the windows on a two story home. Using a paint scraper and then hosing them off to only then use Windex to clean the windows to a shine. She asked if I had a ladder and could do it today.

I told her who I was and the name of my business and that I’d love to help her out. But just couldn’t do it today. Turns out she is an owner of a house cleaning service that also does window cleaning. She really turned me off though when she mentioned the process of cleaning her glass (windex).

I started to go into the whole “why we do what we do” thing, but decided to just leave her my information instead. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get some work from her.

This is just another reason for us as “professional” window cleaners to stay steadfast in our efforts to improve this industry. Keep giving those waivers, keep walking away from crap jobs like this, keep charging our loyal customers and new customers the premium fees that we do–all for an awesome job. Watch out guys these people are taking money out of your pockets.

Again, Sean, nice catch!

Hey Bert, I’m figured it was probably a small general cleaning service doing a CCU and looking to get someone as cheap as possible to do the windows. I wonder why if they do windows they are not doing them themselves? Hmmm. I also don’t think they realize the implications of fab debris and scratches. Good luck to em.

Should also be interesting up 2 stories on a ladder today with the high winds.

So … you got that gig or not ?

j/k you gotta love TX :slight_smile:


Go for it Carlos, I’ll pass!

Thanks for the laugh bud. How’s the weather down there? Did yyou get in on the snow last week?

Hey Bert, no so much snow here, Sleet only for a couple of hours, but that was it.
In Houston they got some snow, up to 3 or 4 inches, no big deal but very unusual for the area.

Hope you’re doing alright over there too.

I think she really wants something else.

She’s advertising for a man with a long extension ladder to work late…

Nice Larry. You are one to see through all of the BS and find the point someone is really trying to make. I like your approach to things!

Not really; I was just kinda bored.

Is there anyone left that is still prepared to work for $10 an hour?