CCU on 1st 5 star rated Green house in my area

I just found out about getting the bid on this gig. It has new storm windows over new double hungs just so it can meet the energy guidelines. The pane count on this monster is over 800. The DH w/ storms number 67. It will be the biggest job we have undertaken to date both size and $$. The bid is $1800 and it has some windows that are 4th foor (mostly just a roof deck where they keep the spa). When I take some pics I’ll post a few. We start in 2 weeks.

Thats awesome

Way to go! good luck

Nice Tony!

I love cleaning storm windows…seriously, I do.


Isn’t that bid really low ?
Seriously asking

Not considering the fact that all the windows have been covered thru the project so it’s more like a dusty job than a dirty one. I’ve done jobs where I made less per pane and the windows had 15 years of dirt and grime on them. I made sure to visually inspect each window to eliminate surprises also.

Here’s some pics of the outsides of this place.

you say, 800 panes of glass @$1800.00
that is only $2.25 per pane. that seems reallllllllly low to me.

I would charge $4.00 per pane for just cleaning not CCU.

In my service area of Iowa my price is at the top. I did cut them a little on the price since I had so much work in one area. Also it might technically be a CCU but all I’m cleaning is the glass. I’m subing from the CCU contractor who doesn’t like to do windows. His guys are even cleaning the sills.