So I turned in a bid for $15000 is this to much for ccu that has roughly 400 panes possibly more lots of big glass

o and the building is 44000 sq ft

Depends on the job. Good rule of thumb is 2.5 times your regular pricing with a mandatory Glass Waiver.


I just went and seen the job comlete 988 panes with all the inside windows

So you put in a bid for $15k on a CCU job and you did not inspect the glass before you put in that bid…:confused:

What part of Washington are you in, and how much experience with ccu do you have?

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never said I didn’t inspect anything I was wanting to hear what pthers business owners thought, or do. isn’t that the point of this forum

Hmm maybe i missed understood your two post ,
but it seemed from your posts that you didn’t…

No big deal though, Its really hard to say if thats a good price without seeing the condition of the glass and the job.

But hey, hope you get it and everything works out great.

Thank you