Ceiling fan cleaning

So anyone offering this? And if so, how is it going?
I know there are a few older posts relating to it, but interested in actual up sells and ball park price structures.

I’m looking to offer it with pillow case collection method, and furniture polish the blades.

Thoughts? Experiences?

I sometimes offer fan dusting as an add-on but I may stop entirely just cause I don’t like doing it. I have also thrown it in as a free bonus for friends and family who hire me.

My take on not doing things I don’t like is that I’m not charging enough to like doing it. :wink:


Most people who ask have very high ceilings. Get the hdx duster thing from home depot, it has little nobbies to catch dirt, throw it on a long pole and I charge $25.

Wouldn’t offer polish… well maybe for $45…


Yea, I don’t want to make a clouded mess of dust flying everywhere, that’s why the pillow case method contains the mess, then probably the HDX thing to finish. I have a 10 foot A-frame ladder, so yea, those tall ceiling ones are the ones I’m looking at.

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I offer fan cleaning I think I’ve been too cheap on them tho since I hear $25-45 a fan I’ve been charging $5 for a standard ceiling fan 7-8’ off the ground, thats hand dust and damp wipe with a microfibre buff takes about 3 mins per fan anything over 10’ was $20


I thought $5 or $10, but I would imagine $10 to $20. It can be a bit messy and you certainly want to not leave any smudges, streaks or clumps of dust on the floor and furniture, no matter the charge.
So, offer a thorough clean for $20, and the Lemon Pledge makes for a nice finishing touch. Cheap and quick to do and the customer feels spoiled. :wink:

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I’m about on par with your pricing too.

I think it’s great as an add on when you get to the home. You can also use this type of cleaning as “freebie” to get new business. “Fans and screens included when you schedule today!” Something along those lines. Also, look at how many residential you are doing each month. 10? 20? 50? $40-$50 a fan can add up. Good luck!

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I bought an Ettore ceiling fan brush and used it on a pro bono job for the animal shelter store. I was thinking of charging $20-25 and putting drop cloths on furniture.

We offer fan cleaning in our business here in Aus too, and generally charge $5 a fan. The ones you need to watch out for are those located in, or right next to the kitchen. These ones can get real greasy and will take a bit of scrubbing to get clean.

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I try to keep my pricing calculable. Curious how some of you folks come up with your Ceiling Fan Pricing?

Goal is $100 per hour, divided by 60 minutes, equals $1.67 per minute.
One $5.00 charge equals 3 minutes of service.
($100 hr covers payroll, equipment, vehicle costs, etc.)

Bring ladder inside, set up drop cloth, climb ladder and clear collected dust off blades, damp wipe or furniture polish and wipe clean, removal of drop cloth and all tools to truck = 3 minutes?
Time is money.

Possible true time?
All of the above, start to finish, 12 to 15 minutes? $20 to $25.


The thing about ceiling fans is they cost you money. You can make more straight up cleaning windows. So if you have a lot of work booked you don’t want to be losing 30 minutes here and 1 hour there messing around with $5 or $10 addons.

If a customer asks we may do it. But it is not a service we advertise.

Who has gotten a call asking to only come clean a ceiling fan for $10? I bet someone has.

per fan, really.
most homes here have a fan in each room so your looking at 5-10 fans on average, I can say that I normally get all the fans done 15-25 mins,

just hit it with some orange solve mate :wink:

I get your time estimate. But I find myself challenging you to a stop watch timing? Not in any negative way, just as in a reality way. Just to clarify - what you are saying is that you can step stool or ladder up to 10 fans in 10 different rooms, remove dust (minor or major), then damp wipe clean, clean up any dusty mess that may have dropped during your speed clean and reset up 9 more times all in 25 minutes max. I am not talking about the time it takes to touch the fan, then start down the ladder; Charging for time is real time - from set up to finish, 10 fans 2 minutes each with 5 minutes of possibles? I don’t see it in reality. I will have to time myself and see why I envision myself to be such a slug. :wink:

This is the only way it would get done.

I have yet to be taken up on cleaning a fan, but I’m sure not driving out to someone’s house just to clean one. It’s an add-on. Need a whole house worth of screens though, suddenly window cleaning is an add on…

This is an absolute, just as I wouldn’t drive out to clean one window or one screen. Add on’s that are profitable are worth seeking. I don’t imagine cleaning one fan for $5 would be profitable as an add on. Some homes only have one or two to assist in circulation. Not worth it to set up and clean for an extra $5 or $10. If I were to “waste” 30 minutes there would be a charge for that, as running a business I need minimal waste of time.

Do you have a minimum service charge? I am thinking of setting $50 as my minimum service charge although if the work was adjacent to other work I would probably do less. The time needed to coordinate getting in the home, picking up/dropping off the key with the neighbor, and other coordination tasks starts to add up.

Edit: I want to add this as an additional service for WC &/or high overhead cleaning. I would be amazed if somebody wanted this as a solo service. I am still trying to learn how to price overhead cleaning.