Central Jersey?

Just checkin t see if there are WCR members in central Jersey and jersey shore

There is one member on the site from Monmouth county.
Chris and myself are from Sussex county

Anybody clean in North Plainfield in Somerset County, I was born and raised there moved out of state when I turned 24, Last time I was there was back in 1999.

Alberto E.:slight_smile:

Thanks Alex I think there might be someone in Jackson also. Thanks for an awsome site this type of networking is invaluable. I think its a good thing when Window Cleaners and commercial cleaners could trade ideas. You guy got a great thing going Thanks!

Just wait 'til you see an episode of Nation!

No problem.

Hey Tom. Just saw this. Can’t sleep tonight so I was surfing the board. Anyway, we are located in the same town… Toms River, NJ

You might have seen my ad’s in the TR Times. Anyway I searched your name on google. I had too, lol. It seems we have more in common, then window cleaning. I used to be a photographer a long long time ago. Anyway I’m behind the hospital if you ever want to shoot the breeze or need anything… Names Ray.