Certain types of windows hazing up in the sunlight while squeegeeing

I’ve been cleaning windows over five years and I know how to practice basic and even advanced window cleaning procedures in all types of environments. I have only been using GG3-4 now for less than one year and I have noticed with both that in direct sunlight on certain types of glass only mostly some sort of tempered glass even if you follow the mixing instructions exactly and douse the windows to saturation point and quickly squeegee with fresh rubber it still leaves a haze/streak but when using plain dish soap on the same windows in the same time of day it leaves no hazing whatsoever, the downside being that dish soap water his harder to towel the edges clean because it doesn’t dissappear like gg3-4 dishsoap seems more likely to smear across the towel. don’t over read this my question is why does the gg3 and 4 haze on the certain windows in the sunlight and does adding the ecover help with this or do I need to use ammonia whats going on don’t answer unless you know what i’m talking about please.

Im guessing it is smearing from the rubber on porous glass do to lack of lubrication. Dish soap has more lubrication so the rubber tends not to drag on ruff or more porous glass. My solution has been if I want to use the gg products to stick to straight pulls and dont wipe the blade or glass edge between stroke as this leaves more solution on and in front of the squeegee blade. You just have to feather the begining of the stroke and be light in the glass with the squeegee. If you use that technique you won’t have as many problems. You can still fan on most glass amd just use strait strokes on problem glass but there will always be some glass that will gibe you problems no matter what you do.

Maybe a combination of gg’s claim that it stays wetter longer and a hydrophyllic glass?

I like gg4. I like ecover. I like ecover and gg4 50:50 better. I premix in a float bottle and use 2ml per 32oz squirt bottle of h2o. This combination kicks butt! IMO

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I’ve heard that a lot and I’m gonna try it

I recently tried gg4 alone again after reading the titan artical in WCBO. mixed it exactly with a hypodermic without the needle. Just to make sure I had the mix right for my little bottles. No way man. Went back to the 50 50 mix in the first hour.

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Ecover rocks alone. I find I like it mixed better because it has far less bleed back and less suds. My opinion of course

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use the ecover in conjunction with the sprayer i recommended you wont look back … ( water only in the sprayer )