Certified Roof Cleaner in Central PA and Northern MD

This job was completed last season by Roof Cleaning by A&E of Dallastown, PA. The homeowner was looking to put their house on the market and wanted to improve the curb appeal without spending a large amount of money. The roof was dirty with black streaks, algae and moss prior to cleaning using our non pressure roof cleaning system. When the cleaning was finished, the homeowner was amazed at the results.

Certified by who?

Trained with Bill Booze,AccuWash,Certified from RCIA

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Thanks Chris. I have a question, I just purchased membership to WCRA and was curious as to when I will be able to access the members only areas. Currently it says my order is processing. Just wondering how long the process takes.

You know Thad …those guys that require so many post on their bbs then call you and ask you a bunch of questions. If your lucky they may give you a certification on your reputation.

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No exactly how I became certified. My certification came along with paid on site training, online testing and a verbal test. My certification is not just based on reputation and post count! But if it were, I would qualify that way too! LOL

Usually just a business day or so. It takes a bit to get your credentials built into the store and forum for access.

Thanks Chris, I will look for the email.



AC…Your link is flat !

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The link visible here shows ‘drama’ but the physical link is ‘drams’ and bounced me.
Changed the ‘s’ to an ‘a’ and it worked.

Thanks for finding the issue.


Yeah, I know what you mean.
Chris Tucker, founder of the RCIA, invited me to participate early on. He said, “I have known you for a long time and know you have cleaned more roofs than most of the instructors have had hot lunches. You’re certified.”

Then AC got involved and you had to pay to be certified. So I wasn’t certified any more.

Then they kicked AC out of the organization for being a con man and a liar but they still wanted the cash. I guess I will never be certified.

Great job, Eric, and welcome to WCR and the WCRA!

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