Just sent him an email.

anyone heard from CFP lately?


I really miss that guy.

Sent him one myself last night. Have not heard back from him as of yet. Hope all is well for him.

I got an email from him. He is having a difficult time right now. He has been through a lot.

Over-all he is fine but sort of lost after loosing both parents. there is more but suffice to say he is, at least to some degree, still alive.

That’s awful. My thoughts are w/ him and his family.

I hate to hear that CFP has had such a hard time lately. My heart goes out to him especially because of the loss of his parents. Family is so important and losing anyone close to you is such a hard thing to take.

I wish CFP well in all that he does and hope much better times are on the horizon. I miss him here on the WCR forum and hope that he’ll be able to get back soon.

Is just the way life is, but it sucks.

Sorry to hear that happened to him, his a good guy.

I may have missed something.

“Life” is when both parents die very close(in time) together?

Or ‘life’ is what sucks?

ahh Phil, my little trouble maker :slight_smile:

“life” it is, but not normal life for most. I lost my mother in Sept (a few months after my father) and she died by her own hand… I am from a very small family and I shouldered 100% of everything. The death, the funeral, the expenses, dealing with her belongings, dealing with my son and dealing with my severe anger and resentment for her doing this to me (before the holidays none the less). Also, I miss her immensley.

It is life. It is the way it is.

Thank all of you for caring and the emails. I have taken a break from the internet in general, but i’ll come back. I have even started studying marketing and writing again, and that feels good.

I hope all of you truly enjoy the Holidays this year. Take a moment to take it all in and enjoy each other. Think about my Christmas last year compared to this year… who would have guessed it.

talk to ya soon


p.s. when I come back I better hear about some serious efforts in marketing your business.

Good to hear from you CFP although I wish there was better news for you to report. Life is so unfair to so many. I just got a call that one of my best friends daughter was struck by a car and killed last night. She was about 21 or 22. Such a tradgedy! I’ll be going to see him today and I’m at a loss as to what to say. Hopefully just being there will somehow be helpful.

Hey Paul, thanks for filling us in & accept my condolences.
I missed you bouncing off Kevin & back again, I bet that seems in the distant past after all you’ve been through.

Hey Paul.

Hang in there.

Thanks guys, your support means a lot to me.

p.s. Karlos, yes I am back and I will be keeping Kevin on his toes :smiley:

Watch out Paul, Kevin is under Phil’s protection!:smiley:

So is Paul.

Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Or are seperate mafias involved?:wink: