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Since you guys are from Jersey and Frank Sinatra was from Jersey, and I’m a big Sinatra fan. I’m making an official request for WCR and it’s nation to have a Frank Sinatra tribute on this forum.


Fu ck Frank, let’s have a Jello Biafra tribute.

// Biafra/Dead Kennedys Interview - YouTube

[LEFT]You guys can have your own tribute forums as long as you moderate.


Larry do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

NJ Loves

Mr Frank Sinatra!

// Sinatra-My Way CLIC ON THE LINK... - YouTube


Did you vote for him in 2000?

I didn’t say anything.

I like the interviewers music more than the Dead Kennedys music.


I went to his house in Hoboken. Nice video by the way. They don’ t make em like that anymore. Capisci?

I was not a member of the Green Party.

I prefer —>

// Sex Pistols - My Way - YouTube

I love Mandy…