Chamber of Commerce

Hey I am needing some help on writing some letters for potential customers. I am a member of my local chamber and every so often they send us an email welcoming new members. This month the email contains about 10 new members. What I need help with is some basic ideas or layouts of what the letter should contain. I know im going to open it by welcoming them to the commerce and probably ending it with offering my services or more if they need anything. Does anyone have a letter like this written up I could reference?

Any help would be greatly appreciated I kinda suck at this sort of thing.

Thanks, Jason

I don’t have a letter, but a little info.

Our local (town population 30K)Chamber of Commerce (CoC) has a 20% off business-to-business (B2B) discount “policy” for members.

New business openings prompt an on-site event for members (at the CoC for non-physical location joinees) – a small get-together that includes CoC representation and invites to all members.

In other words, networking opportunities are built-in.