Chambers of Commerce

What are the benefits of joining the chambers of Commerce?

Networking with other business owners

Better price on insurance, so I’ve heard.

I am a member of our chamber. I am active in the Chamber’s events. I try to speak to and network with every person at every event. My $400 membership brought me over 10K in new business in 2011.


Was it from a member of the chamber?
All from the same member?

I had someone tell me to join my chamber for my business is this really like a small golden goose or ???

I looked into a few in my area and since ive called/emailed , they have yet to stop soliciting me on at least a weekly basis. Seems like they really want $

I belong to two chambers. I have been a member for over 10 years. I end up picking up at least one new customer at each luncheon that I attend without even trying. I just go there and hand out my business cards. I don’t push sales and people come up to me for window cleaning. It helps that were the luncheons are help, I clean the windows there. I just point out an example of our work. I have spoken at various functions such as the New Member Orientations and go to other events. It just pays off. People know me and they know I am not a fly by person, I’m going to stick around.

The two big businesses that i have built, we have been chamber members. The chamber is like anything else, you get out what you put into it. If you go to the alive after five functions, keep your name in front of the membership director, and work the membership list to get past the “guard dog” secretary, it will pay for itself 100x over. Good investment in my opinion.

Can anyone say whether a chamber of commerce or a straight forward networking group is the better option? I have heard that chamber meetings are not mandatory so no one ever shows up. Networking groups usually require you to meet weekly. Problem with them is they are always in the morning. Tough to do if your a small business.
Anyone have a pro’s/cons list on the best option?


They are both good. The chamber Ive got back my investment several times over. I went to a BNI meeting as a visitor (for free) and landed a big website build and SEO for a client.

I joined the Chamber this year. It paid for itself in the first 2 months and I have only been to one event and sent letters to a bunch of other members. I could probably build more from this but I am not comfortable in social situations where I don’t know anyone. There are many advertising opportunities and various discounts you can receive by joining. If a person is a good networker than this can be a valuable investment.

I’m in a Bni group and it’s worked great for me and would keep doin it chamber I may do it if I have time but so far things are pickin up slowly but pickin up but granted I just started my business 5-6 months ago

Chambers can be great networking forums, and can certainly pay for themselves. They are very helpful when building routes or residential. Just remember your investment is not limited to your annual dues. You must also factor in your time spent at functions, events, etc.

We attend events for the specific industries whose markets we specialize in, but we also don’t do route work, and very little residential, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I had the same problem. Watch Boiler Room with Ben Affleck. And “act as if”.

so you can be a member in different cities, other than what you live in or what?

i joined 2 chambers this year,1 in my town and one in WV- well worth the couple hundred dollar investments. I was very skeptical, took me 12 years to join. Ive been to only 2 functions, even tho I dont have a problem talking to strangers, just not my thing.A little “clickish” around here. But just by becoming a member, and putting in the free announcements about our business in their newsletters and doin a couple ads in their papers, ive picked up a lot of new customers. I will continue to be a member.

maybe its another subject but in regards to the bni thing, how does the referal system work? I looked at the site a little bit but Im not diggin a whole bunch of reading right now;)

Do you recomend the other busineses to people or just give the other businesses numbers of people who might be interested? I would feel wierd with the latter, both on the recieving and providing end.

“Yeah bob said that you are thinking of getting your windows cleaned”
“ummm ok…uh…k…have a nice day”


I am a member of 5 chambers and the key is going to the events and networking.
also most times they have cheap advertising that you can take advantage of.

Just checked out some surrounding chambers. The town next to mine had these pretty interesting things to offer besides the standard offerings.
-Complimentary Meeting Rooms (2) with WIFI - 24/7
- Bulk Mailing Permit Usage

cost is $250/year for membership.