Chandelier Flyer for E-mail

Chandelier Cleaning Columbus, Westerville, Powell, Ohio

If any WCRA members want one to edit I can send it to you. It can be improved upon. But it’s Free.

I think that’s a good way to develop some winter income and you might end up with customers for other services as well. I just hate doing them, but good luck anyway. Nice looking postcard by the way

Thanks Phil. What kind of weather are you having in Idaho at this time? What do you do in the winter? Counting all your hard earned money I hope.

Very nice! Just saw one grammatical error: “your” should be “you’re” :slight_smile:

Ooops. Thanks For the Tip. I will fix ASAP.

Winters here are not too bad generally. We are in south west Idaho, so it gets cold with a little snow, but not like Ohio. I can usually work through the winter. I does slow way down and that’s OK, because don’t like to work when it’s in the 20’s. I use the time to recharge and re plan my marketing. Get geared up for spring. What about you?

I have no commercial work at all here in Columbus. I have had a few Condo and office buildings that I do once a year or every two. I’ve only focused on Residential since restarting the business a little over a year ago. When I lived in WV I had a string of weekly commercial that kept me busy. 6 BK’s, 5 Bob Evans, 6 Hardees, 5 KFC’s, A big monthly Car dealership 2 McDonalds, Lowes every two weeks. But My cousin that I trained when I moved up here didnt take showing up to seriously, so I sold them off to an older WC gentleman I meet out in the field one day. We would help each other out when we had big jobs. He takes really good care of all those accounts. I would like to pick up one chain this winter. Also work on hitting this Spring really focused. I would love to travel out of State for a month If I could make enough money. But I’m to late putting anything together for that this year. I hated doing Bob Evans during the Winter. They Opened the doors at 7am so it would be pretty Cold starting at 5am. Take care this Winter.