Changing Wagtail Rubber

Ok, After the edges of my wagtail rubber burning out on me after only about 5 or 6 hours of use and streaking everywear, I am trying to turn the rubber around to use the other side.

How do you do it?

I was able to get the rubber out after pulling for a while but cant get it all the way back in. I’ve fooled with it for almost an hour now. I’ve tried to pry open the middle. I came close to stabbing myself in the eyeball after my screwdriver came out of the groove as I was trying to pry it open. The channel is all dinged up from screwdriver marks and I still cant get the rubber all the way in.

Can someone please post a tutorial on how to change out the wagtail rubber safely?

get the rubber a little wet. a little soap couldn’t hurt either.

Hopefully you’ve added a chapter to your safety manual devoted to eyeball safety!

Glad you’re okay, though.

I added a little soap and water in the channel and that helped. Had to wipe the end of the rubber dry so I could grip it.
Thanks Alex.

I use needle nose pliers. I also soak em in beer.

Then I fry em.,

yeah, it’s a pain

I dont drink beer:confused:

Would Kahlua work ?

yeah but they’d taste like coffee after that.

Maybe then it would help me with my habit.

Might look strange when I lick my squeegee though:p Its not like I haven’t thought of it.

Pull the rubber out with a little strength, my 12 year old daghter can change the rubber. To replace the rubber (or turn it around) add a little detergent if you can’t get it past the dimple.


use em

Note* 12 year old Australian girls are often stronger than cry baby American men. Especially the girls who grow up around the Out back or Northern Territory.

Must be the water.


No Phil - it’s because the dingos eat the weak ones!:smiley: