Channels with clips - problem

I’ve been using ettore channels for the last couple of months and one thing I’ve noticed is sometimes the rubber sits raised up at the ends where the clips are. It’s not a big deal only that sometimes I leave a spot of water behind so I need to remember to press a little harder when closing out.

Anyone else notice this or have a simple work around?

Just use an Unger plastic clip on the side that finishes last when you close out. I sometimes use one on each side but not

I’ll pick up some Unger clips the next time I’m by my supplier. I guess another thing I could do is not use a clip on the ‘close-out’ side and see if that’s better.

Suck it 'n see Mark. I just find the throw away plastic ones easier. Gives you a little dog-ear as well.

i recently have noticed my clips being particularly loose in one

Any noticeable wear on the channel end?

First try a new clip if that doesn’t work then try using a pair of pliers and gently squeeze to compress the end a little (not too much) and see if that does the trick.

there is a bit of wear on the channel ends, but youd think inside it still has the same size…i just may get another channel anyhow, making an order today anyhow…

Well I solved my problem quite easily.

You see, I was trying to use up some 22" Unger rubber that I had and cutting it down and putting it in a 20" Ettore channel. Problem was, I was cutting the rubber too short and thus stretching it out too much causing the ends to turn upwards.:o But thanks for the helpful suggestions.

You can put a clip in one end only and you will never have that problem again. Are you using two clips?

Yes two clips. I may end up just leaving the clip out on the side I usually close out with.

That works for me, plus saves a ton of time.