Charity work and donations

What do you think some of the benefits and pitfalls of donating your service to an organization or cause could be?

How can it affect business?

I live in a part of the city that contains alot of the prominent Jewish community. My in-laws are wealthy unapproving Jews. (Whom I think are wonderful even if they are not always considerate.) My son goes to a private Jewish school. (Not any longer, now that he will be in kinder.) So, I’m driving from doing an estimate and pass by the Holocaust Museum, and just felt like doing something. I’m am just getting my business to a livable level, and I don’t yet make the kind of money where I can just give whenever I want.

I walk in. Talk to the maintenance engineer and offer to do the museum for free.

I feel good about this.
Then I start to see some other benefits:

  1. It could be perceived as a kiss-up to my in-laws. It might open some doors to have a better relationship with them.

  2. It could be considered an insult to my in-laws since they do nothing charitable. I am not Jewish, donating to a community they are a part of and don’t even support beyond what is required.

  3. I will ask for a letter of reference. Lots of businesses are owned by that community. Even use reference in flyers and postcards to residential.

  4. Maybe I could have some kind of press release or something. (Advice requested here)

  5. Tax write off.

I’m sure there are more.

Niche Marketing.

You said it all when you stated, “[I]I feel good about this.[/I]”

I have donated certificates for “1 Residential Window Cleaning” to several organizations for auctions or “silent” auctions for groups like Lions, Elks, Kiwanis, School groups or “Elder Care” organizations…It has been a great source of “good will” and promotion…besides, it is a charitable donation

Yup, it can be a hybrid of marketing and good-heartedness, or simply one of the two. All up to you.

I do it a few times a year.

In all honesty, with my company, I do it mainly for marketing reasons. And I carefully select and target charities based on this objective.