Chat Live Tonight about Live sales Strategy

Chat Live Tonight about Live sales Strategy - Today, 07:36 AM

6:00 pm Pac time…

This will be a great talk tonight, we will have some good stuff and advice how to close a commercial account.

Join in and participate…

Pressure Wash Chat Power Washing Chatroom

  1. Ideas on how to get through the door
  2. Showing them how to save money. ( selling the service for more than your competition)
  3. Reducing the liability in their work place.
  4. Getting to the person who makes the decisions.
  5. Techniques to increase closing through marketing around your selling campaign.
  6. Pricelist and how effective are they?

Hey Ron… where do I go to participate?

Powerwash chat…

It’s at .

I’m the admin there and the room is always open. Anyone can use it- even Ron! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Any WCR member is welcome to use it whenever they want to get up a group to chat. You can use cams, mics, share files, and post pics.

Warning- NOT moderated.

[CENTER][SIZE=“5”][FONT=“Fixedsys”][COLOR=“black”]As you can see there are lots of contractors particpating[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]