Cheap Liability Insurance Company

Anyone know a good cheap insurance company i can use.

Don’t think any are cheap, but check out AAA (Automobile Club of America)
My 1M policy runs 95.71 month, it’s underwritten by the Hartford Group. It was the least expensive when I was shopping around. Hint, list yourself as janitorial services (which includes cleaning windows) not just a window cleaner. Rates go up significantly if you list yourself as just “widow cleaning services” - i.e. ladder work. Hope this helps.

What state are you in?

I’m in South Carolina.

Buiten & Associates, LLC.
Brian Mattila
5738 Foremost Drive SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Brian is a sponsor of MWCoA ( is for sale | HugeDomains), and understands the insurance requirements of WC’ers.

I pay about $54 a month for a Mill. coverage
It’s from swanne insurance.
From what I understand that’s really cheap.
You can call 321.639.4608
Ask to speak to Gale, and tell her that Matt from east coast window cleaning told you to give her a call.
This also goes for anyone reading this post.

Will defiantly give them a call Mon. morning. thanks

You may have to live in the area, I’m not sure.
I also don’t think she comes in mondays.
Try her Tuesday mid day, I just know the mornings a hard to get a hold of her.

She must be like me – a chocoholic, but for alcohol.


She’s one of those ladies that runs around all day doing personal errands but swings by the office to get some work done.

Jordan & McCallum

That’s my agency. They should be able to help ya out since you’re in SC. My policy runs in the same neighborhood, although I pay yearly just to avoid the problems of paying monthly, one less thing to pay.

My coverage also includes about 10k worth of pressure washing equipment, covers both window washing and pressure washing, 2 million dollar agg. , CCC clause, and additionaly insured is included whenever a signed contract is in place at no additional charge.

I agree with llaczky. Buiten & Associates are pretty good. They helped me in NY when some wouldn’t touch me and other tried to pimp me out. However, you should make your deductable high that way your monthly payment are low. PS- This concept works for auto insurance as well.:smiley:

I just got General Liability on my business for 1 mil. each occurance with a 250$ deductible. It costs about me 350$ a year, or I can make monthly payments with a 5$ service charge each payment.

Look at Blue Cross
and State Farm

no such thing.

where and with whom? Thats a low price!

Grange Insurance through Insurance Management Group
They are really good for small business owners (from what I have been told). I also qualified for a “Blue Ribbon Discount” because of good credit. (I didnt even know I had credit, LOL).


Society Insurance, 1 mil in coverage = $500 a year. I am in Wisconsin though.

Does he do high-rise insurance?