Cheapest Pure Water

If money was no object for initial purchase, what is the system that creates the cheapest pure water?

Multi-stage system.

I have a RHG RO/DI electric cart.

What if the difference between a $5,000.00 system and a $1,500.00 system is 1 cent per gallon?

That is what our research has shown. So in the end it is really down to what the customer wants in a system.

Hearing lately how fast filters need replaced in a $1500 system, not sure about that research. No offense intended here just MO.

None taken. Data is data. Even if a $5,000.00 systems filter made water at 1 cent per gallon and a $1,500.00 system made it for 5 cents. Thats still nearly 100,000 gallons before the break even point.

I’ve said it before, if any RHG system filter has underperformed, contact us and we will make it right.

It would be nice to prove this and compare all systems some how!

I have had a ezpure system fail, and a brand new di cartridge not work. I called and they told me to cover shipping for testing, but no guarantee. Then I would have to pay shipping to return.

Anyone ever thought about buying pure water in a bottle? Then putting pw in pump sprayer and pumping the water to a soft bristle brush.

Welcome to the club.

this post is from 2011


Already do it. Have a few smaller windows and a small pump with a small flocked brush. Quickies and low glass. Pump, scrub rinse, done. Makes it easier if you make a quick connect so can switch between brush and sprayer, if the brush doesn’t spray but only flood good.

Uhhh Yeah ??? Seen more than a few posts here :stuck_out_tongue: about back-packs and or carts

9 gallon cart from northern tools. Gerry cans from wally world (green 6 gallon) in camping section. Pure water can be bought as well @ wally world if needed @ .37 per gallon. Runs about 7 to 9 tds on average. Very good pressure. Window above garage using all of the reach-it pro length.

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Ben, let me ask you, are you wanting to buy water and get a sprayer? I ask because , my guess , ex jerk has something to do with keeping equipment possibly? You are wondering if there was an inexpensive way to purchase water for now and use a sprayer for WFP work? I was looking into purchasing but finding a local place , besides distilled from walmart @ .7 a gal. Folks on here mock me because I got 7 stage RO/DI for $100, new filters and right conditions make 150 gpd. At the end of the week I make more water than I can use. Actually use up by end of month. RO and DI last a long time and a simple inexpensive way to augment my DI tanks. I can pole and fan majority of all windows but choose to WFP.
Maybe I just read too much in what you were asking or read what you were actually getting at. Enough folks on here. We can find a solution.

Who mocked you?

I am an engineer at heart. I Luke inventing and making products I can use for my business.

tell us more about your inexpensive way. Share in detail.

It could work,what kind of setup are you thinking about?

Pole, brush, transfer pump, 1/4 in tubing line, electrical cord.

Pole, brush, transfer pump, 1/4 in tubing line, electrical cord… [COLOR="#0000FF"]Use battery[/COLOR] instead of power cord more mobile,you can use if no outlets are available to you.