Check it out

Hey fellas

Is This marketing or an eccentricit, or stupidity ?

It may be marketing of some shape or form ,
but as you can see so far it hasn’t been the most successful…(0 bids).

I can’t see him drumming up any business either from word of mouth due to the extremity of the stunt either, he comes accross as quite a chancer…(no offence if he is a member of this form)

This is about as feeble attempt to get news I have seen… it has been done too many times. Nobody cares

He is not trying to get a bid, he is trying to get on the news.

Ye your prob right, especially due to the fact that he keeps going on like “ooh you’l be famous and in the papers”…he’s kinda putting his reputation at stake seeing as he posts a pic of himself.

Perhaps he’s compensating for some physical shortcoming…

I think it’s comical. Maybe a good idea if he was the first…

I wonder if he includes screen cleaning in that price, hopefully.


Out-of-the-box 4sure.

Gotta give him that.

With regard to window cleaning services, but there have been some pretty outrageous and bizarre things for bid on eBay over the years.

I know I think I think I found a potato chip that lools like you Larry?!?!:smiley:

Exactly, Larry. I think that this is one of the most valuable creative assets a small business owner can acquire - the ability to migrate ideas and successes from completely different business atmospheres into their own.

Sometimes it’s just plain dumb, but sometimes brilliant.

This WC ebay thing may have flown if it was developed slightly different, maybe with a more reasonable (but still newsworthy) amount, and all the $$ going to a charity or something. May just work with that variation.

Of course, I don’t know…just typing as I think here…

Now that’s valuable and innovative thinking.