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Please give me constructive feedback and be honest. likes dislikes
thanks , Im ready:rolleyes:

I didn’t like the opening, felt like Bob Barker should have come out and said HI!
The site looks good. I can tell things needed to be added, but I like the site in its developing state.

I can’t get it to come up. Do you have a link?

Mike, what porno did you get the opening music from? Overall the site isn’t terrible. You are missing some punctuation, but that can be easily fixed. Your on the right track though.

Speaking of porno, at first glance I thought this thread was titled and already in The Fridge.

I was wondering what came next for a moment there myself.

I liked it overall…a work in progress. :slight_smile:

Bill, thought it was also and was surprised because that website was mentioned today on the Howard Stern show.

Perhaps Bill could get Howard Stern to throw the ceremonial first diamond at your birthday party.

Howard already has too many things going on, especially with trying to keep Artie off the heroin and all. Larry, will you do it? You don;t need to throw a diamond, maybe just a bottle of Tangueray 10!

Hiya, thanks for allowing us the pleasure of constructive critique.

I am not big on flash intro pages as they serve no purpose other than one more step I need to take to get where I want to go. The font on the flash is really dated looking.

I see you are trying to force the “dirty panes” into that first paragraph, but it does not flow well when I read it. Just say “Dirty windows do not cause a good impression…” No need to squeeze that dirty panes in there. People call windows windows.

They need a scheduled visit? what’s that? You mean a scheduled cleaning.

I’ll tell you what, give me until tomorrow to work on an opening paragraph and tell me what you think of it. I do not have time right now.

As for the pictures you have, you are loosing some great opportunity by not having some testimonials from these places captioned with the pics. Call/email your clients and ask them for one. Bribe them if you have to with a freebie/discount. Get rid of the “work” page. Put testimonials right on the home page (with the pics) and put one or two on the contact page. Most will not look at any other pages.

Scrolling text is useless and makes most dizzy, and it does not say anything interesting. Put an offer in it instead of something meaningless (or kill it all-together.)

I think if I have a p.o box I would leave the address out all-together. Sounds like you are not a real business. Use your home address or none at all.

You have a lot of work to do, BUT IT IS FUN! Have fun with it. Do not be afraid to put some personallity to it.

I am excited for another preview down the road.

–From someone who struggles with this everday–

I like the technology you’ve put into your site. Kudos there. However, I think (this part is constructive criticism from a website rookie) that your content is weak for the technology.

You need to make your banner smaller, or enlarge the text (font) in it. You especially need to make your phone number bigger. Thats how they contact you, other than the “Contact Us” page.

I also think that what the other guys are saying about the comments with the photos of your work would be good. I’d like to do this for my site as well. I just don’t put pic’s of my work on the home page. But if I did, there’d be wording under them.

Also, you might consider changing the name of the “work” page to “Gallery” or “Samples of our Work”, or even “Photos”, it might be more attractive.

I also like to think that if you’re a smaller business (with less than 50 employees) that you’d like to present the image of a professional company that cares for its customers. Not try to be some huge conglomeration of a company with a monsterous website ( I’d put a picture of yourself or some of the crews on the home page. Make it one that shows them working or at least smiling, maybe both.

I would also consider rework the text in the opening paragraph. It needs to be sharp, crisp, spelled correctly, and to the point. Remember brievity is the Key to Communication. Here is something I just whipped up in a few seconds as an example of what I mean:

“Every business deserves a good reputation. Good reputations begin with great first impressions. Your first impressions should begin with Window World. We would love to send one of our experienced technicians to give you a personal—in person estimate for any window cleaning projects you might have. Window cleaning is very affordable for every business or household. Call us TODAY. We’d love to show you how to be a part of WINDOW WORLD!”

You don’t necessarily need to reference the web address to drive the point home. is great. The first paragraph doesn’t need to have the name in 100% of the time. That all depends on how you do your advertising on line. Some search engines will hit on the name, some will hit more on the metatags that have a sentence or paragraph with your information in them. That is all up to you and how you set up your website advertising.

All of these things you can do (or should be able to do) with a web hosting site like you have. If someday you decide you want to spend more on a site, there are thousands of starving graphic designers and web designer out there that will be willing to let you pay them for help.

Otherwise, you have a really good start on a nice website. Can’t wait to see it updated.

it sucks

Port St. Lucie huh? I’m from Fort Pierce. Went there during the summer for a little vacation. Tried to do a couple jobs for some gas money. Didn’t pick up anything. Was a little tough down there.

I’d kill the flash page and music. It doesn’t inform or sell window cleaning to your potential customers, it just shows what you can do with web technology.

I clicked on your ‘Work’ page thinking that this is where you are advertising job positions. Change it to ‘Gallery’ like someone else mentioned. Also, try to re-size your images so they are all relatively the same size. And label your images in a consistent manner. Looks nicer and more organized. Right now you have one image labeled below, another image labeled on top and another image labeled on the side and with a different font size.

Your site has plenty of potential and the jobs that you have done should show much better.

A work in progress.