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This is my new website, a work in progres. Visit and be honest I want to hear all feedback with suggestions. thanks


[B]Home Page[/B] page
[I]Call us today for a free service plan estimate.[/I] – remove the extra space between “for” and “a.” Personally, I prefer to use the term “quote” (or quotation) instead of “estimate” if that is what you intend to provide – more of a commitment on your part.

[B]About Us[/B] page
"4 story" could/should be “4-story”

[B]Services[/B] page
You have a bulleted list with a list containing a mixture of words beginning with both upper-and lower-case letters. Needs consistency.

“awing” cleaning should be “awning”

[B]Contact Us[/B] page
[I]Please complete the fields below and we will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.[/I] Can you commit to 24 hours? Next business day?

Your website is great Dude !!!


Sounds like i am at a club…

In your gallery include some pics of regular homes you’ve done. Let’s them know you do a range of work including their type.
Also let me know if you want to swap links.

Sure lets swap links

Nice…I would say MORE PICS!

heres a serious thought… where do most people probally view your site … when there surfing the net … most of that takes place at work and not in there own privacy… when someone clicks on your site and that music comes up there either going to get really imbaressed get rid of your site or get in trouble… you should give them the option to listen to music… they are viewing your site to get there windows cleaned and find out about you not to wish they were raving at a club …