Check Out This Add-On Service

Hey guys, check out this add on service. Cleaning Business Opportunity. BBQ Cleaning Business Opportunity. The BBQ Cleaner
His system is the cream of the crop, but carries a HIGH price tag at $17k. The reality to me is we don’t need the trailer and can make due with a VX5000 steam cleaner ($700) and some plastic bins and hand tools. A little research showed me most states require LP (liquid propane) certification to mess with them. Hmmm, clean the grill, clear each burner hole with a tiny drill bit, reassemble and polish. Now that’s unique! There are quite a few vids on YouTube to begin training. I like the concept!

We have a lady in Tallahassee that does that. She has her VW Bug painted like one of those green egg smokers and pulls a little trailer behind wrapped with her ad promo

I was on a job with a guy doing this he cleaned it awesome with what looked like $17 worth of equipment. Most things can be done much cheaper than someone trying to sell you what the proper equipment should be

That might be a good add on if you buy your own the equipment , but as a stand alone business, i don’t know. I found a company that does it in my area. The charge to clean is more than I bought the grill for, I just get new one every couple years.

My concern would be the cost. I would think if you had your grill cleaned every year, you must really like that grill. Because after 5 years of cleaning, you could have just bought a new grill. I do like this idea though.