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No doubt Wal-Mart will force one of their Chinese suppliers to manufacture, and we’ll seem them for $9.47.

Thats a nice system. That guy will be rich. The price is not bad at all. I wonder how it allows windows to open. I’m shocked a window company like Anderson has not bought him out. I don’t like the lease option though. If I understand it correctly, he would lease this to a home owner or business? I would not lease that system. I would want to buy it and call it a day. Mix that with a in home ro/di and he got a super winner. But I wonder about rubber replacement and scrubber cleaning. But either way nice system.

As with everything, there is a downside. I wonder what the negatives are.

[COLOR=Blue]Well, as I see them:

  1. Maintenance - nothing is maintenance free and these things will jam, wear out and break, someone has to change out the rubber blades and make repairs when all those plastic parts wear out. And how will they access them on skyscrapers?

  2. Quality of cleaning - this is great for salt spray, but what about a bird strike, tree sap, or spiderwebs? Things that we typically use a scraper for?

  3. Limited use - this system will not work on interior windows, french panes, eyelid windows (dome top), double hung, special shape windows (like triangular) or anything with a screen.

4.Cost factor - if I am going to have to call a professional company to do 80% of my windows, how much am really going to save by installing this on a few of my picture windows.

  1. Runoff - what happens when the office above mine “washes” his window flooding my window with dirty water? And what will the siding below your house window look like after hundreds of gallons of water runs down it?

  2. Cold weather applications - LOl, here’s a good one. What happens in the winter when you either can’t use it or it freezes and cracks all the cheap plastic parts so the next time you turn it on, it sprays water everywhere.

  3. Architecturally hideous - Imagine how ugly the facade of a building will look with a bunch of plastic frames around each window.

Overall, I am very skeptical that this is really going to catch on. They want 10% of the market, they better get it quick before the consumers figure out how many problems they will have with it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]Id like to see them on this! Lol![/COLOR]

This wont make it to far as many reasons already stated, also it will vary by climate. Freezing climates people will have to have all the lines blown out each season to avoid freezing.

It is kind of cool… at the same time stupid as far as implementing it into a market.

Im sure that the squeegee rubber will dry rot fairly quick being exposed to the weather 24/7. Replacement blades could be costly and reinstalling new rubber would be something most would neglect over time (especially the second level). As with alot of gizmos that are invented to save time and hassle, this would probably not go over as a fix for window cleaning.


Yeah - I concur with the skeptics who have weighed in on this.

[INDENT]Incidentally, I plan on training a thousand squirrels to clean windows and I intend to capture one percent of the US market (a measly $70 million/yr). Please visit [URL=“”] ( <— that link works, by the way) for a complete investors kit. Of course, you’ll have to sign a NDA first. Naturally.[/INDENT]

I like Unger, too.