Chicago Hi-rise training

Hello everyone. I have been thinking lately that I would like to do a refresher course in some Hi-rise work. I currently do hi-rise work in Kalamazoo MI, and so I realize anywhere around here I won’t get any takers. I met Steve Hamel in Nashville at the convention a few years ago we talked shop about working in Chicago and I think it would be cool to do some of the hi-rise work there. I currently do nothing higher than 23 stories. I would like to see how other companies do their work, and get some knowledge while giving some free labor!:slight_smile: Any takers?

If anyone does reply, don’t be offended if I don’t write back. I’m falling asleep at the computer, so I think I need to go to bed. I’ll check back in the morning. Good night.

Okay, No takers? Fine, I am willing to travel. I just like Chicago , but I could go somewhere warmer:). Anyway, same thing different location?

I’ve been curious in high rise work but have never done it. I would be open to attend a seminar on the basics or how to get into the field, but I personally would not be interested in going over the side. I was an Air Assault Trooper in the Army and I’ve done all the rappelling that I ever want to.

I dont have any problems once I’m hanging lol. It’s the first step that you never know. **** can break, who knows the equipment can be faultly. Of course there would have to be back ups to safety but I would still have that little question in the back of my head. “What if the safety don’t work?” lol. I got a call from a Atlantic City hotel the other day. I passed the work on to Val-Court. It’s 13 stories and looks like 260 windows. At the very least I would want $100 per window. No joke. Atlantic ocean winds pick up while your on the side and next thing you know your on the ground.