Chlorine-tolerant desal membrane developed

A chemical engineering professor at The University of Texas at Austin is part of a team that has developed a chlorine-tolerant membrane that should simplify the water desalination process, increasing access to fresh water and possibly reducing greenhouse gases.

The chlorine-tolerant membrane is made of sulfonated copolymers versus the currently used polyamide membranes.

I wonder if there will be cross-industry trickle-down technology/usage of this technology such that it may be utilized in WC’ing RO units without the need for a carbon (chlorine) prefilter.

Larry, There has been a chlorine-tolerant membrane for years. The mem. most of us use is a TFC mem. it can only handle small amounts of chlorine, there is also a CTA mem. this can handle chlorine no problem, but your ph needs to be neutral (6.8-7.4) or it turns the mem. to jelly. It is a lot more easy to control chlorine then ph. That is why most people don’t use them. I don’t know if this new one is the same, but I will look in to it.