Choosing the right pure water system

I’m new to the whole pure water cleaning thing and have been doing lots of reading and research on here to try and choose the right set up. I think I’ve decided that the reach it pro would be best for me since it can be broken down to various sizes and from what I’ve read on here a lot of people prefer it. But with the pure water system I’m having a hard time deciding. I don’t have the set up or money yet to spend on a tank system so I need something I can use on site. I was leaning towards the Wash It Pro but have read some ups and downs on it so I’m not sure what to get now. I’ve read some people have trouble since it is pumpless they are not getting the needed pressure and another problem I’ve read is some people are not getting the the best rejection percentage off of it like it is advertised. This is a big purchase for us as we are fairly new and can’t really afford shelling out to much but also don’t won’t to jeopardize quality so that was a big reason I liked the Wash It. Any advice, opinions, and knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Low pressure issues with the Wash-iT PRO can easily be remedied with the simple addition of a booster pump for around $250. You will have the exact same issue with any multi-stage system you don’t have a pump on board. Having a good system with a pump already in line would make your price climb significantly higher.

You could spend less money on a system with plastic housings, plastic fittings and “disposable” filters but… you get what you pay for.

You’ll see me put people into IPC systems, IPC makes the Wash-iT, because I know from years of experience that they just work, they last and the cost of operation is the lowest out there.

I’m here if you have any questions you have


wash it pro and pro and reach it mini- my best investments.

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I have the Wash-It pro and highly recommend it and as Alex stated pick up the Wayne booster pump when you purchase the Wash-It.
Ive had my system going on three years and the RO is still producing between 90-95%. So I will probably make it through this season before having to replace RO filter. I credit that to the booster pump and doing the RO flush that Perry recommends.
Hope this helps with your purchase decision.

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Awesome. Appreciate the booster info.

Thanks for the input guys. Do you use the booster pump all the time or just when the pressure is to low?

2 seasons of residential work with wash it, only had pressure problem once when i was out of town and their well had no pressure.

Just use the pump when needed, you’ll find you won’t have to use it on most jobs.

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Thanks that’s good to know. I think I will get one just in case but the one or two well jobs I have are pretty quick and easy the traditional route.