Christmas Lights

Who all is hanging lights?

This is our first year. A lot of high hopes but its getting off to a slow start.

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Me too, first year, will be offering design, installation, and storage. Sending my self down to train in Holiday Lighting next week with my Window Cleaning mentor who got me into this industry so that my sales conversations are confident and assuring, and as long as I get some business in Nov I’ll be excited to grow in ‘21.

I’m doing them for the second year. I’m not that experienced, but would be happy to share anything I know if you guys have questions. I’ve gotten a lot of leads through HomeAdvisor.

@Kyle time to update this

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First two estimates done today. $4 a ft, leasing our lights only. 16 Holiday Lighting yard signs placed also.

know someone who got 52 lighting leads just today.

Nov 1-5th is our biggest wave of people and it’s always damn good money. We did 87 displays in October

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Do you guys price higher the first year then lower each subsequent year, or something else?

Leasing is the way to go for many reason. Under this model it is common to provide discounts for October installation or just repeating each year

For many reasons I still sell the lights and get the same labor year after year

mid november… we are booked on lights until december… mainly because we lost crew members and are limited on how much we can book right now. Its been a good start so far.


19 days ago off to a slow start, now turning away bids and booked. Way to go Kyle!

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There is this guy in Seattle that has pushed my stubborn self along for the past 4 years…

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You know, I saw a video just last night with two guys (Why Pricing is VERY Important! How you get To $100,000 - YouTube) saying the same thing, 4 dollars a foot-- something about 1600 on a job to hang lights. I think it was “live” last night on youtube, I never thought about this kind of add-on before but boy does it make sense.

I’ve never hung lights before, is this something you guys do up north since it slows down due to weather? Or is this being added after you are done with the other services?? Leasing lights, I never thought of that-- I have to say this is some great information!

Good luck to you, I hope your book fills up with this add-on service. Really good concept. SOMEONE has to hang them, right?? Why not you, you already have the ladders for your other businesses? Awesome.

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It’s definitely this season‘s focus over windows, for me. Actually, the add on is gutter cleaning while I’m there for holiday lighting. Excited to grow in lighting, as it’s harder to sell something I’m inexperienced in, like when customers need my vision for decorating their property! …”well we can put a wreath here, and lit garland there…” Thankfully, I’ve got a mentor in the field to glean ideas from that hasn’t minded my incessant questions.

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Y’all do icicle lights at all?

I’ve been told to stay away from them

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Thanks Kyle. That’s the common consensus.

C9s 15” spacing smd led bulbs. We charge minimum $6/foot all inclusive service using our own lights maintenance and take down included