Citizens:31,833 WCRA members:672

“[I]We should just use the private forum more[/I]” is something I keep seeing more and more.

  • Do it. And stop threatening to do it.

Better yet, use [B]ONLY[/B] the private forum.

And before anyone questions my scruples.
I’ve been a WCRA member since last spring, and have probably logged in a total of [B]5 times[/B].
(I use a separate account for the store, and I picked up the $99 special with that email)

I just felt it was the fair/right thing to do, since I really appreciate everything the “Lamborghini Bros.” have done.

-[U]I HAVE[/U] ‘[I]donated to the cause[/I].’

I think we are going to can that in favor of one streamlined option.

Im not sure, I just know I can do it.

Dont get wrong because I want you to succeed but that is an average of 100 window cleaners per state.

To me if I wanted to reach that number then I would divide the us by state or region and pick up the phone and call them. Or at least that is what I would do and test out for a year.

Also, by offering a discount to have current memebers refer other window cleaners they know in the field. I personably know a lot of window cleaners that I have told about wcra and they have failed to sign up and be a member for whatever reason. Maybe a strong incentive would push them enough especially if it’s backed by a current member

if you think you can you probably will. think you can not and you definitely will not.
Love your attitude

More like 102 in every state but Massachusetts. There are enough members here, as far as I’m concerned

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Most of those are [MENTION=3418]michaelmole[/MENTION]'s Chinese children, doubt they would join the WCRA.

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[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION], where can I get the safety Manuel and company handbook? I never got mine. I looked in the past but couldn’t find it.

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I’m interested too

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Me 3

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Don’t forget international members ;).

Averages are misleading, as well, because I’m pretty sure there are a few states that probably won’t yield more than a dozen members (I think I’m still the only one in VT). So that would mean the majority of the states would need quite a bit more than 100 members.

but I think you guys can do it :wink:

[MENTION=26203]JessicaWCR[/MENTION] will send you the links this week. We are starting to migrate items to the new site so they might not be seen in the current download area.

We do have members in each of the 50 states, that happened sometime last year.

But the only way that 5k will ever happen is with international members.