Cleaning Blinds

I quoted 26 windows today and at the end of the quote the lady asked me for a quote on blind cleaning I’ve never cleaned blinds before but she assures me that is simple “all you have to do is wipe them to get the dust off”. It does look time consuming.

Anyone of you offer this service? Is there a website that I can find info, tips on how to do this job? How much should I charge? should I even do it? :confused:

After you hit up those links let me know if you have any questions. It really is pretty easy.

When doing housecleaning, I had cleaned many blinds with the method you described, “all you have to do is wipe them to get the dust off,” and your are right, it is very time consuming. Easy enough, but takes a great deal of time. I never complained because I charged hourly. I do however clean my own home blinds by taking them down, soaking them in my bathtub, rinsing and hanging to dry and they came out great.

Not being able to afford an investment for the ultra sonic machine at this time, I had thought of creating a good soaking & washing station, to perhaps be able to include blind cleaning as an option. If prices start at $15 … that is not bad even if I have to wash a few by hand.

Joie N. CA

For the blinds that fit in the tub it works. Check this out.

It’s a rather cheap and very easy way to clean metal blinds.

and for other blinds.

You don’t need an ultrasonic. there are ways to get things done, the ultrasonic more speacialty and bulk cleaning.

Hi everybody thanks alot for the info. Scott that video really helped out.

No prob at all. Let me know if you have any questions.

I’ve seen that total reach makes a blind duster, I’ve seen it at home depot. Seems like it would throw duster over the stuff that is around though. However it looked as if it would clean like 4-5 lines of a blind at a time. Hope this helps as I’m new here. lol

Total-Reach is the crappier Unger consumer product line that is a step below the “standard” crap Unger-branded consumer line sold at Home Depot.

So what you’re saying Larry is the standard ain’t what it used to be huh?:smiley:

Home Depot ain’t what it used to be, either!