Cleaning my two store fronts

I got out the other day to do my monthly store fronts. I put on my gopro chesty and got some video of it.


What size channel? Do you only do straight pulls?

I use a 21 inch channel. I’ve tried to learn how to fan with a pole and can not figure it out. So mostly straight pulls. Sometimes fan the bottoms

The zero degree version of the handle you’re using would help you fan with a pole. There’s nothing wrong with straight pulls though. Good work.


Whatever it takes to get the job done. Straight pulls clean glass too. Often times a different size squeegee makes fanning easier - depends on the size of the glass. Good job.

I use a 20" now 98% of the time for my store fronts. I do straight pulls down when using my pole and fan the bottoms any and everywhere I can reach. I never tried the fan down with a pole but it seems it would take longer and not worth it for me. I use a 12" for lower windows and smaller high channels. I started with an 18’ to learn how to fan. It made going to the 20" a lot easier. On residential I always use a 16" and my 12" when needed on small windows.

Side pulls like you do I usually would get streaks coming from the edges for to much detailing in my experience. But you are doing your thing so it is good. But maybe try learning at home on your slider with a 14" or 16" and do it 100 times a day to get it down. Start small and work up it will pay off and your slider will be super clean. LOL

Try more soap in your water
Will fan easier

Thanks, I will look into that.

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Thanks. I started with an 18 but wanted to try to cut down on my time so I got the bigger channel. I switch it up sometimes from pulling st

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Work on fanning with a 14in for storefronts, it will speed things up, and save you time on detailing