Cleaning revolving doors

hello everyone. I might be picking up a new account that has a revolving door enclosed in a glass cylinder …was wondering will it be possible to clean the cylinder shaped encasement with a squeegee with the glass being curved and the squeegee being flat…I know I can pull it off with a small squeegee on the winshield of my truck and that glass has a slight curve to it but i’ve never tried it on glass with this much of a curve to it…or is there another way like sprayaway and a huck…just wondering which way is best …any tips would be much appreciated.

Yes you can, just squeegee from side to side instead instead of top to bottom

…and whatever you do - get them to turn it off & open a side door otherwise you will break your arm.

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we did a hospital entrance w /manual revolving doors. You would think that when a person saw you inside the doors, inside the cylinder, cleaning the glass, [B]that they would use the other door next to it[/B]…they dont…ive just purchased construction cones that i will put up next time


I’d just hire a bouncer to stand out front and punch people who are dumb enough to try to push their way through the revolving door that I’m inside cleaning. :slight_smile:

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I literally had someone bump into an automatic door at a Walgreen’s that I switched off to clean the inside of.

WHILE I was cleaning the inside!

AFTER they stepped over my cone and tape!

Put a wedge under the door and watch the people who are in their own world walk into it. You will have to clean off face and snot prints though.

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I was up on a ladder cleaning a glass wall. I was set up over a door and had cones and tape set up outside the door. I hear/feel a bump on the ladder. I look down and there is a 60-ish women pushing on the ladder with the door. I hear her say, “You are going to have to move, I want in here.”

I told her to use the other door…20 feet down to her left

Here is a pic of the job site

I can’t imagine having to have that conversation. Good grief.

We need to give away “Situational Awareness” pills! I’ll write up some marketing on it like "Having trouble because you are too focused on yourself? Don’t understand why you’ve had 6 accidents this week while talking on a cell phone (not counting those you had while driving)? For only $3.95 you to can have Situational Awareness and cram your brain with everything going on around you all the time! Yes thats right folks INSTANT A.D.D., you will never be able to focus on your own tasks again to the exclusion of all else, but you will notice every bird in the sky , every worm on the sidewalk ((think of all the worm’s lives you could save!) and most importantly every window cleaner on a ladder, and this time it will be BEFORE you walk into the ladder and he falls on you!!!

What do you think… ready to run the infomercial yet?

Michael Kelly

Disclaimer, this is a joke in poor taste and is not meant to make fun of anyone with A.D.D. (except myself [who doesn’t try to fix it and be like normal people]).

Hey Ron,
You ask this question about revolving doors back 2011. I was wondering did you get the job? If so, did cleaning with vertical pulls work or did you find a better way?

Hey man,
yes I did get the job and still have it and the vertical pulls work fine and that’s still the way I do it. If there’s a better way I haven’t thought of it lol. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Shameless thread resurrection, and an actual reply from the OP- that’s awesome. I love this forum :cool:

Side point: I never did understand why some people on other forums get so bent out of shape when an ancient post is revived…

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Those people would be the same ones all over the guy for asking a question. They would probably say something like “instead of starting a new thread; search past threads.”

As my dad use to say they would complain about being hung with a new rope!

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@wcs. Lol, 2 in 1

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Vertical pulls so downward pulls on rounded glass, wouldn’t horizontal be far quicker?


Some people confuse those two concepts. Just like some people confuse that left pedal with the right one. Why do you have to be such a pedant??

Lol, jk. :wink: