Cleaning screens

I have tried both cleaning screens dry with a brush and washing screens with soap and water with my scrup bar. In your opinion which work the best.

thank you for the input.

For deep cleaning screens we use a truck wash brush and solutions like Tide w/ bleach alternative to scrub and then rinse. Great results!
For regular cleaning we use <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ magic 1 gallon.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> as it makes the screens look great and makes the next cleaning a simple brushing to get them back to looking good.

Dry brushing a screen doesn’t clean it, even if it is a casement.

I do the commercial account screens twice a year, in the spring and beginning of fall and I charge these separate from my window cleaning. I pull all the screens first. I have a system for marking the inner frame and screen for location purposes. I take all the screens to a central location and use a 6.5hp shop-vac with a brush attachment and vacuum the screens and then I have a portable table that I place the screen on and wash it with a brush. I use a mild degreaser that smells good with a little window soap. Once the screens clean I use a towel to dry it and I have a portable air compressor in my truck and I use compressed air to dry the crevices.

What do you charge for this multiple-step cleaning process?

What type(s) of commercial businesses pay for this type of service?

Have you tried Screen Magic yet?

There are out-side screens and in-side. I was trained in the 80’s bucket, dawn, and a nice sponge. Ring the sponge out and clean both sides. Rinse sponge and re-peat. Trying too dry a soaked screens takes up so much time. Guess thats why the sponge work best for me, don’t be hating my way lol

I used to have a 64 gallon water tank 250 feet of pressure washing hose and a 4000 psi pressure washer and we would power wash the screens. Now I only use screen magic. Huge time saver and makes screens look awsome. After i spray them, i take a separate 18 inch strip wqsher and rub up both sides and pop it back on. Huge time saver