Cleaning signs

Just curious if anyone cleans the shop/store signs? I saw on the wagtail video where the guy was using that squeegee to clean signs.


We do a few along our routes. We typically do them with a backflip and polezilla.

I do a few, some I do free, others its a priced job.

A couple I have to do (quickly) because of windows being immediately above the signs.

Most signs on Mom & Pop shops are so easy it wouldn’t take you more than 30 seconds. This might be one extra thing you can point out when canvassing for work. [I]“Does your current window cleaner clean your signs too? We do! Each and every visit.”[/I]

I see it possible to have a route doing just signs.

I plan on doing just that…only I want to get the taller ones too.

Ah, the signs so high the regular window guys with their 6ft pole and bucket can’t reach. Good thinking.

What cleaning method would you use?

Short version: wfp.

The issue right now is how to get chemical…up there.

It definitely requires something beyond pure water?

It does here yes. The issue is beyond simple dirt. Having done hundreds of hours of ‘research’ in this area…I can solve many sales items if i can get the chemical onto the sign.

Dual hose time?

Possibly…and great idea. The issue now resides in the fact I use solvents and these chems can wreck any decent wfp brush.

Dual pole time?

There is a joke in there somewhere.


I have seen people in lifts pressure washing large message center signs,they are over 60’ tall, they had a boom truck,and the message center is a sophisticated display of LED lights like a TV screen they will require more insurance possibly

Would like to revisit this issue on sign cleaning. Does anyone have a good setup or recommendation of chemicals/cleaners? I talked with the folks at Winsol, they have a product called Polyclean, which is a plastics cleaner. But it seems more of like a solvent, rather than a detergent (haven’t tried any yet) PM are welcome too if need be. I have to believe this would be a great commercial add on. Thanks

You could use a wfp and pure water.

Would it be possible to use the detergent dispenser sold for Tucker poles? Just from looking at the poles and attachments, it seems like it would be possible. :cool:

It also appears that Unger makes a “High-Flow Soap Dispenser” for WFP and they also have what they call “HiFlo Kit” that looks like a brush, hose and soap dispenser that fits on a regular squeegee pole. The Reach Around from Reach Higher Ground comes to mind with maybe the HiFlo system on it.:cool:

I have a repeat customer on my route that owns a Pet Shop, her sign needed desperate cleaning of green algae, dirt and mildew.

A simple low cost solution of Dawn dish soap, a 5 gallon bucket, truck brush, garden hose and a extension pole

It worked great and the sign looked BRAND NEW!

Customer satisfied 100%

I recently got a the dema injector for my single hose tucker pole. If you haven’t seen it, it’s basically a downstreamer for your single hose wfp. It is made by tucker, but it can work with any pole. Works great for awnings and signs, or even some hose siding etc…