Cleaning Sills and Tracks?

What way have you guys found to work best for cleaning sills and tracks? Mostly the tracks… Thanks!

A rag, screwdriver and DeWalt portable vac (the small one). For myself I have found it’s just not worth going crazy trying to make them spotless unless they want to pay for it, I think many over do it.

On our estimate sheet we basically tell our customers that we do a light wipe on the window sill by using a damp rag. If they want us to get everything out, we make them pay more, much more.

This is how we do it as well.

For the sills I use a bucket and small brush. Then I clean the windows using my wfp and spray out the tracks and rinse the sills all at the same time.

This is about what we do as well. I try to brush most of the big stuff out but to get things completly cleaned I would be at every window for an hour. We have a ton of sand out here. I see windows out here with an inch or so of sand between the window and screen. Getting everything out is near imposible unless they want to pay for it.

I carry a 3 inch natural bristle paint brush in my hip pocket and brush exterior frames and sills while they are dry. On the inside (mostly on triple track combination storms) and casement windows with screens I use my DeWalt portable vac.

I bring a dust buster just in case I run into something very heavy. I loosen the dirt with a brush and then vacuum. I like to mop us with magic eraser. For some reason it spreads the water around without leaving spots

a cheap detailers paint brush, super quick.

We include brushing out all of the tracks with the window cleaning. That is not lifting the window. ANd we wipe the sill with a damp towel. ALL FOR FREE!

If the customer wants more then we scrub the tracks with screen cleaning solution and a small wheel brush from the outside. Then on the inside we lift the window, vacuum after brushing well with a nylon bench brush, the wipe with a damp terry towel. Then we clean the window and wipe the sill. Usually this costs the customer around $65-85 more.

I’ve been struggling to find the right solution to this as well. I’ve been settling on telling the customer that vinyl windows include a free tract detailing (since they come out with simple wipe of damp terry cloth towel), but on aluminum windows be brush out the big stuff for free and a detailed clean is extra!

I use a painters tool

and rag. I use a spray bottle. If you are having problems getting the dirt from the corners use your spray bottle. But it on stream and blast the heck out of the corners from the inside of the home. After I lay a rag on the sill and put the painters tool on it and use it to get in all the corners I can. I then wrap it and run it in the tracks up and down both sides. I can clean a sill (almost spotless) in about 2 minutes. When outside look at the corners of the lower frames, you will see much of the junk on the siding. I wipe it off.

BTW did I mention this is something that many don’t do and this is a reason I have alot of referals. It’s quick, easy, shows attention to detail and that you are proud of the service you offer. People are freaked when they see things like that cause those are part of the reason they called you. When you can bring a sill and track back to a very clean state, you are almost always going to get rebook.

Oh one more BTW lol. The tool I use is from the depot and it’s great. The end of the handle takes a small philips or flat head bit. Very handy when dealing with some windows.

I use a small corded shop vac along with a spray bottle. I vacuum everything dry that I can, which is usually most everything. I’ll then spray it down and brush it with a special brush. This brush is perfect, it was given to me by a client. I wished I could find more of them. I’ll post a picture of it later. It has a very tight weave of long bristles, so it gets into corners really well. I’ll vacuum real quickly again and then detail with a rag.

It’s very important that if your doing this from the inside, which is usually always for me, that you put down a clean throw towel or something under the windows your working on. If a drop of this “sludge” from the sill lands on their carpet it can become a pain to get out.

I also have a really really light fragrance that I spray in each room or area after vacuuming the tracks. Just another sense that triggers that totally clean feeling.

I charge on average an extra 2 to 3 dollars per window for track/sill detailing.

I first loosen up dirt and dust with a dry rag, and I use a small tool I have found to gently reach corners and edges to quickly loosen anything lodged. I then vaccume out the grit, wash my window and then wipe the frame and the sills with a slightly damp cloth.

Joie ~ N. CA

I have been doing post construction clean up, needless to say, those vinyl tracks are loaded with debris of all sorts. Normal residential cleaning should never be so bad, (hopefully) however … if you were to expand into extreme detail of cleaning those tracks, you would lift out the window, remove the vinyl track, clean all of the junk that has collected under the track, then clean the track strip and replace. A big time consuming job, if anyone wants or expects this to be done, so should they expect to pay the price.

Joie ~ N. CA