Cleaning tucker brush

My brush has gotten really dirty from not using it between WFP jobs because i have it sitting on the top of my roof rack. They have been doing a ton of work on the road in front of my house, putting in fiber optic stuff and repaving and all the dirt and debris that is kicked up has gotten my brush really dirty. I should have taken it inside but didnt realize it would get so dirty. Anyways the thing is filthy i am almost tempted to get another tucker brush. I was that soaking it in DI water w/ some glass gleam will help a little. Does anyone know of anything that can clean it really good.


you could soak it in some simple green if you want to clean it but it should cean itself once it gets some use.

I used to do the same thing - I stored it in a plastic seal-able toolbox & let the movement of the van clean the brush with pure water & a couple of drops of GG4 . I found that the pure water rusted any metal so stopped doing it. I still put the brush back in the box now & then when dirt is noticeable. But remove any metal goose-necks or spring fixings etc.

If you use simple green make sure you get it all out of the brush head it leaves streaks on glass.