Cleaning up dried Goof-Off and Removing Tape from Tinted Windows

I’ve got two issues to try and deal with on an account I have.

The store employees had tried to clean up excessive tape from an upper window pane (big, .2.5ftx2.5ft or so). They apparently used Goof-Off. They must have smeared it everywhere and used a towel or something to try and remove this tape. Now the stuff has dried and it’s smeared all over the window making it look awful. I cleaned over it normally with soap (Ecover) and it had zero effect on this stuff. Any idea what I might use to try and get it off??

The other issue is that several large panes remain with all kinds of tape all over (because the employees were unsuccessful in their first endeavor). Can’t scrape it because it’s tinted. Anything that I can use that wouldn’t take me a ridiculous amount of time to remove it?? It’s kind of outside my normal cleaning for this place but I’d like to get it fixed for them.

Any help is appreciated.

by ‘tinted’ I’m guessing you mean ‘filmed’.

I’ve had some success with this back in the day of N/C plastic skylights:

get the goo as re-hydrated as possible, soak, soak, soak…

use some (no joke) creamy peanut butter on your finger on goo spots agitating with just your finger tip. wash normally with your regular solution. The key is going to be getting the tape residue as wet as possible before polishing with the peanut butter.

sounds odd, but it has worked for me on sun-dried tape goo on plastic sky lights, although the goo wasn’t goof-offed and smeared.

can’t hurt anyway…

good luck,


You could try some Ronsonol lighter fluid just test first and make sure it doesn’t hurt the tint.

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Or maybe mix some lighter fluid and peanut butter and make a slurry!

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HA! I can just see myself up on a ladder with a jar of peanut butter and a can of lighter fluid using my fingers to rub it all over the window! For all I know it just may work but I bet I would get some odd glances. ehhh, … what to do, what to do,… Problem with the dried Goof-Off is that it covers the whole window, … a big one. I bet they just used a ton of it and then had no idea what to do next to get it off properly.

And yes, I guess I mean “filmed” tinted window. I wonder if warm or even hot water would help??

Try some alcohol and some towels you dont care about.

You got lighter fluid in my peanut butter. I beg your pardon, sir, but you got peanut butter in my lighter fluid!!

Funny, but this sounds like a very effective slurry.

If you can find 11.5ph water from a Kangen Water distributor in your area, that will (with a small amount of Ecover or Biokleen, and some light agitation with a white doodlebug) most likely emulsify Goo Gone on contact, and it won’t damage the film.