Has anyone ever become one of their vendors? any Experiences? They are evidentally a division of Cintas.

Very very very cheap

Oh ok so they bid the jobs for you or what?

I went and bid some chain store in the mall I bid low like $30 in and out I was told they would pay $11 and pay in 45 days.

I hung up

You should have billed them for calling you.

If you bid a job for them, stick to your guns. it won’t be worth it to lower your price to their expectations. I bid a job at $40, they said $20. I started to go along with them but after all the run around with paper work and such, and then the payment schedule, I dropped it before I did any work for them. Thing is, there are only 2 companies that I actually compete with in storefront, and both of them have a lousy online presence. I probably could have gotten the $40 if I stuck to my guns.

By the way, here is the official Cleanway/Cintas NSP rating thread, if you guys want to leave some feedback:

I’ve only done one job for them. They haven’t sent me any leads in quite awhile. But I will say that I had a good experience. I bid an office building in my local town at $807 and got it with no haggling. I followed their instructions for paperwork to a T and got paid exactly in the time they promised- 30 days. Perhaps this was a fluke, but I can’t say anything bad at this point.

Wow sounds like it could maybe possibly be worth it…Ill give it a try maybe

By the way how does cleanway go about getting jobs? I noticed in the contract it says that you cant try and get any of their clients for your own. I do not know how many jobs they have in my area but if they have a lot I would not want to be bound to that.

I think they advertise by merit of their being owned by Cintas. Probably market to chain stores as well.