CLX rubber cap bottom

[MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION] [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] or [MENTION=3349]KateWCR[/MENTION], do you carry the bottom rubber cap for the CLX? I just noticed mine was missing? I looked in the store and couldn’t find anything

If that’s a Gardner then, no they do not carrier anything of theirs. They pulled all their stuff and went with an exclusive deal with someone else.

This space for rent!

There’s a small chance we have one laying around, ill take a peak tomm morning for you.

Thanks [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]! If you happen to find one, I’m placing an order today, so will you tack it on to that order?

Yep for sure

Hey Jeremy, looked around here this morning and came up dry.


what Gardiner’s went elsewhere?

Try if you can buy one from them direct or a dealer stateside.

Otherwise, im happy to get one in my next order from Gardiners and mail one to you if you pay me shipping and the part (first) :wink:

as post above since you cant @ people with spaces in the names.

? I’m confused? About what you’re saying? Yes, you can [MENTION=1400]Clear Shine Maintenance[/MENTION] but I still don’t understand what your saying

[MENTION=1400]Clear Shine Maintenance[/MENTION] - really i read it doesn’t work…

If you can’t get one from a dealer over in America or from Gardiners direct in the UK - I can order one from Gardiners and send it to you (i’m based in the UK).

Oh cool! I can get one here for like $3 but they are going to charge me like $15 for shipping!

I have a extra one if you want it Jeremy.

I would love it! I have a CLX-27 and it takes a #6 cap. I’d buy it and pay ya shipping. It gripes me that someone wants to overcharge shipping for a little rubber piece you can mail for $2-3 and they want $10-15 and that burns me! Let me know and ill paypal you or whatever.

It’s not Gardiner raping you on shipping its RHG but unfortunately they have the Gardiner monopoly now.
Suck it up or move to a brand with better customer support.

I know exactly who it is…they raped me before on a small replacement part. I can’t stand their shipping prices at RHG

PM me your address Jeremy. You can just have it as we have a few of them.

PM sent. Thank you again very much!