Cold Weather and Pure Water

Just a word of caution for those of us in cold weather climates.

Its important to keep in mind that just because water is not freezing on the glass doesn’t mean that it wont freeze once it hits the ground. Decks are particularly prone to freezing over on you as they are elevated and do not have any insulation from the earth below to warm them. So even if the side walk doesn’t ice over, doesn’t mean that the decks wont.

When winter sets in, it doesn’t mean your done with the pure water, it just opens the doors to more accidents in the field.

Be careful out there and happy poling. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reminders Shawn.

Another tip: Keep in mind that the water may “puddle” in an area even long after your gone. Make sure that if there is water sitting somewhere that it’s not going to freeze.

In pressure washing, I had to delay or cancel a lot of cleanings because even though while I would be cleaning it would 40 degrees, I knew the water would puddle in the parking lot and last over night. That water would freeze over the night and present a problem in the morning when the business opened up.

I know some window cleaners in the UK fill up with the grit/salt mix from the council tubs to throw on the floor after using their wfp system.

I was watching this video online, and it was showing some cart models and showed a separate heater or hot box as known on the pressure washing industry.

What caught my attention was that it recommended the hot box to be used “On cold weather or direct sunlight” … I do understand the cold weather, but what about the sunlight? It evaporates faster than it cleans ?

I haven’t used my WFP on hot weather yet so I don’t know.

If someone wants to enlight me, please go ahead