Cole Directory

Any of you res specialists ever tried cold-calling offering free bids using a Cole Directory?

Years back we had one fulltime phone solicitor, and space for another one that was always occupied by someone that was too hurt to work in the field til they healed up, and we got bids by the boatload from em.

What exactly is the cole directory?

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you would absolutely LOVE IT!!! i have one for my area… havent utilized it but if you had the right people calling out of it… unstoppable!!

Thanks, Larry. I was out all day.

Oh yeah, they’re great. They list every single residential in a given area. You can target the areas that have the best chance to land jobs, and you’ll find little pocket neighborhoods you never even knew existed so get passed by, by the door knocker and flyers.

We use them a lot!!! I would say that we have at least 2 people calling from 9:00am to 7:45pm 6 days a week. I average more new clients from coles than from fliers. The only problem is that depending on how often you buy a new book you have the potential to call people on the “do not call list”. which that makes for angry people. If you have a good cold caller that won’t matter to them though.

Mind mentioning how you pay them? Do you pay them commission on eventual sales, or per estimate, or hourly?

How you pay Cole, or the employees doing the calling?

If it’s Cole, you simply pay for them a one-time fee for the listings, and they come in a huge book, listed alphabetically and numerically by street and house number. Coupled with a map, this allows you to target likely areas for potential customers.

If you mean the phone solicitors, we paid them hourly (unlees it was one of our salaried guys recovering from injury or sickness), but you could also pay them based on how many bids or eventual customers you got, too.

Its the responsibilty of the caller to check the DNC list every 31 days. The federal fines are up to $16,000 a violation and you can end up with more than 1 violation on a call. I think with a smaller local company it may never come up, but when cold calling you never know what kind of day the person on the other end is having. Its under five minutes to register a complaint.

This is right about how we do it.

I was referring to how you pay the cold callers. Sounds pretty cool though, thanks for the info