Color and Advertising

In another thread the topic of color in advertising was, ummm, debated. I would like to clear this issue up because I do not think we were looking at it with open eyes (mainly because of my attitude)

Color in advertising is not in any way the same as a product or packaging color. Product and packaging colors are VERY important as most people are compulsive buyers and will take the more “appealing” packaged product over say a dull “cheap” looking product. Now is it just the color that will make someone buy product A over product B? Of course not, otherwise every company would package in the color that draws (you with me?)

Color is extremely important in a car, clothes, house and all sorts of [B]items[/B], but we are not selling an item. We sell the invisible, a service.

What does this have to do with our fliers, postcards, shirts, etc? Very little.

Color is needed in advertising, no question. But we sell basically our time, not a thing. What color is window cleaning? So a color will not ever SELL a service as it is not something that can be colored. (as an aside, I have heard such crazy claims as to the color of shirt a company has makes a difference. It only makes a difference if there is no differentiation between the companies being compared. If you give them no reason other then color… color matters. 95% of window cleaning companies use blue… how many are broke?)

So you say, well colored fliers is what sells. I guarantee you that is not the case (those many, many companies with colored fliers know that which I speak) It seems like a lot of people have not tried this very basic and really, affordable medium of adding color and pics to your ads. DO IT!

But if you ad color does not in any way, shape or form SELL window cleaning. It might make your company look more professional, it may stick out from all the generic b/w ads, but it will not cause them to buy. You only need to get them to read your offer or your reasons for them to buy your service.

You MUST give them a reason. No person on earth will say “wow, pretty flier. Sign me up!” sound reasonable?

Some will disagree, I implore you to realize this is not accurate. You must learn these very basic marketing nuances. Absolutely add color, but make sure there is a reason for them to call.

I put out 10,000 fliers last year. 17 different versions. I had b/w fliers pull 3% (which is a great # by the way) and I guarantee nobody on here would say it is possible looking at it. Thankfully I would not roll the dice with my business from forum folk advice alone, and neither should you.

When you receive any ad in the mail or see things in magazines. The color and graphics ONLY purpose is to get you to read the ad. Please do yourself a favor and go buy some books on advertising. There is some AWESOME stuff out there, cheap. Don’t take my word for it and certainly do not take people who have not done much advertising word for it.

Window cleaning is a hard sell, you need a huge arsenal if you want to have success. Many of you do not have the extra funds to hire someone to help you. That means you are “do it yourselfers” as I was/am. (however I now have an elite marketing coach I pay $700 a month to… WAAAAAY worth it)

You do not need to study all that is marketing. I would tell you to focus exclusively on advertising. These color topics and MANY other things will then become very clear, very fast. Save you some wasted time and money.

Do not listen to people on here exclusively… buy a book and learn from people that have sold millions (or in Ted Nicholas’s case, BILLIONS of dollars) worth of stuff through print ads.

If none of this makes sense to you or you think I am wrong. No big deal. I am just some guy on a forum, but you owe it to yourself to know for sure.

Interesting musings. Obviously given this post some real thought. Thx.

For the record, I think you are right about a lot of things.

So a color will not ever SELL a service as it is not something that can be colored.

If you give them no reason other then color… color matters.

[INDENT]Which of these comments more closely represents what you really believe?[/INDENT]

I think I may disagree with this comment:

Window cleaning is a hard sell, you need a huge arsenal if you want to have success.

Although I suppose “huge” could be subjective…

It’s not all that complicated, really. It simply comes down to understanding how to say what you need to say, the right way.

I think that sometimes people unnecessarily overcomplicate it, or believe that it is hugely overwhelming to get going. Not true. Based on my 9 years of experience in the window cleaning business, anyway.

Your mentor comment is awesome.

Learning from someone who is where we’re hoping to be someday, business-wise, is a brilliant way to reduce the learning curve.

Not trying to fight, just weighing in, since so far no one else has touched your comments.

well Paneless, neither of us are quite in a place to fight about it. Neither of us are experts.

Right now this is only opinion.

I know that you may feel that window cleaning is a easier sell than I do, but from what I see everywhere is that it is not. Surely you have the magic potion, but I have not yet discovered it.

Is everyone overcomplicating it? far from it. It is usually “Window Cleaning- Call Now” Basic enough I guess… finding those words to communicate to you target market is not easy. How many guys on here know how to tear apart their offer to make the benefit feature statement clear? (most would say they don’t need to do that!)

Mostly it boils down to “window cleaning”

It is faaaaar simplar for me to market now then a year ago. But it was tough learning who I am and what makes me different. This is not a big deal if your the only game in town, but even then that alone may not be enough.

I do believe people overcomplicate things (like think about colors), they are usually thinking about the wrong stuff. This is not rocket science, but it is science.

By the way, I LOVE having a coach because I do so much want to learn this stuff at the elite level. I am not saying that anybody needs to hire somebody to help them.

I know of one book that will give people a lot of advertising perspective in great “how to” very easy to understand detail… coach not needed.

Newspaper Ads That Make Sales Jump- David Fowler

easy, both…

Let us say that people have an ad from 2 window cleaning companies sitting in front of them. Both say
Window Cleaning

$149 for 20 windows cleaned inside and out[/SIZE]



(picture of a dude cleaning windows)

Now since they are essentially the same ad who would that person call? hmmm… maybe the name has a ring they like. Maybe one guy is cuter than the other. Maybe the person hates orange and the other company wears blue.

The problem is they are basically the same ad. Same offer, now only basic emotional links remain. Now you are a commodity much like sitting on a shelf at the grocery store. You will NEVER see an ad of mine like this. Somebody copies me and I change it, period.

Of course figuring out [U]these[/U] triggers are a job in itself, I like to avoid them.

but now hopefully I have explained myself enough and I can sit at the front of the class…

[B]First of all,[/B] since you’ve mentioned it 10 times now, Paul, I might as well respond to this:

[INDENT]Whether or not you consider me an expert is starting to be less of a concern to me, but I have noticed an escalation in disrobing comments.

Since I am presenting myself here as such (expert, coach, etc), however, I would kindly ask that you chill out with the deprecation. Getting kind of tired of it. And I’m not so cool with it anymore, after so many repeated comments to that effect.

[INDENT]Perhaps I fabricated the proof that I’ve presented as to my business success.
Perhaps I’m pulling the wool over the eyes of everyone else here.
Perhaps I’m an opportunistic swindler.[/INDENT]

Wow, man. Enough, already. I’m embarrassed [I]for you[/I], and its extremely unprofessional, never mind groundless. How many videos do I have to make, or checks do I have to show you, or giant buildings do I have to land as clients, or tens of thousands of window cleaning dollars per month, or people do I have to help, before reaching the pinnacle of your estimation?

Anyway - I hate writing posts like this, Paul, I really do, but it’s time.

Attack my ideas, but back off me. Please, man.[/INDENT]

[B]Secondly,[/B] as far as your comments with color, you’re talking in circles. First you rip it apart as a frivolous exercise, and then you say you believe it has merit.

How can dogmatism spring from so much confusion?

Well Paneless I also tire as you see me as some sort of competition to you. That is why you hop on all of my posts and question me and my ideas. I do not go on yours and do that.

Personally, I am not impressed by you. Sorry. Not because I think you do not have much to say but because I work with world class marketers. Not window cleaners making a switch. (no offense, but true)

I spoke in no circle, perhaps I should dumb it down a bit for ya…

I have nothing to lose Kevin in these arguments. You do. I would avoid them.

Stop challenging me every time I post something and I wont challenge you.


that is all I said…

whoa! I never said or eluded to any of that. In fact I have never even thought about it. One thing I don’t do is bs… I really do not feel you are fake. I would tell you, believe that.

But I can see where you might internalize that. I feel you do the same things to me, even though that is not likely your intention.

I also would like to end this now. Obviously we feel threatened by each other in some way (probably because me and you are the only ones here that get paid to help others). Hopefully we can get over it.

I lay down my sword

When you guys gonna kiss and make up?:wink:

You win bro.

For the record, I feel no threat.

I simply feel annoyance.

I hate fighting, and you have won the “who can tick off Kevin?” award, so congrats on that. And I suppose, with that, you have also attained victory.

Kudos. I’m done with it.

Good call Kevin…


[COLOR=Blue]Kevin, you are first class act. I appreciate all the input you have in these discussions. I come here to learn and share what little I do know, not to argue about who the expert is. I don’t have time for that.

Paul, Kevin has proven himself over and over here. He is smart, humble, and generous. I cannot really tell where you are coming from Paul. You talk about your marketing prowess and yet your website has links that don’t even work at the bottom. The list could go on and on with inconsistent statements that I have seen you make.

I’m with the others who say if you have something to show then put it out there, if not, then you have not earned the right to criticize anyone else. You haven’t given us any reason to believe you yet. I think that you might have a lot to offer, but man, to pick on a guy like Kevin who is actually helping others in the here and now, is just wrong. [/COLOR]

You know, this is funny… Kevin basically started this post by screwing with my words (to make me look bad) and then very happily agrees to “I hired a coach”. Of course that rings true, right?

I did not mention Kevin in my post. I did not say I am a know it all. I just said look into it. Kevin is also VERY inconsistent in his statements and it really is based in nothing. I could cut and paste it all, but who cares.

Kevin you give info willingly and free. That will win the popular vote, no doubt. But these people need to put your advice into action. It’s about what you can teach others as the “coach”. I have not seen that yet (so, unproven)

I do not care if you all jump on Kevin’s side (silly there is even a side to take)

You guys need to get something straight. I NEVER have claimed much of anything. I claimed I had a flier that does 3% regularly… Crazy gets one that gets 20% and he is not asked for proof. I claim I had a postcard BOMB last year. I claim I need A LOT of help when it comes to [U]running[/U] a business. I claim I study marketing constantly (anyone doubt that?)

I am not here to sell you guys on anything. I always tell you guys to take things with a grain of salt on a forum.

I may not be inviting you to my nifty blog. I may not be offering up my postcard for you to use, but you have paid nothing, lost nothing and can simply ignore what I say.

Kevin has many conflicting statements himself, agreeing with me in color alone does not sell what we sell, but agrees with the Tollhouse package comparison (to selling a service on a flier) on another thread, that was interesting.

I will be honest. I am not impressed by Kevin as I see nothing I do not know. I do NOT want to be a coach to window cleaners. I do not care about commercial work. I do not care about fancy proposals because I market to avoid competition. I AM NOT saying he has nothing to offer any of you in any way. Take all you can, heck hire him if you feel he is a good fit.

Anything I post is not to be a “I know it all” . It is not to one up Kevin in any way. It is not to make people feel inferior. It is only stuff that I thought you may find useful or interesting. If you guys try a new squeegee and you come on here to talk it up, is that wrong? We might say “thanks man, I am buying one of those” or “I have not had a good experience with that brand, I’ll pass”. Is the guy who does not agree qualified? is the person that made the claim qualified? No and they do not need to be. They stated an opinion, they are not trying to sell us one.

I have no more to prove to any of you than you have to prove to me.

I know my recent bashing of Crazy is helping fuel this whole thing. That was uncalled for, but Kevin trying to out me every time I say something is just as offensive to me as it is to him. Look around at some of his comments after mine. See if you find that I am the aggressor.

really, who cares.

Wow! This has got to be the most meaningless post I have ever read.


Unless it was this one.

Larry, Only you would come up with that one liner- Good one!!!