Comercial grade RO/DI system (reinvent the industry)

Hey guys,
So basically, I fill my tank sitting in the back of my truck with pure water with the xero pure, and off I go and WFP most of my work. I work in a resort town, so accessible water is not always available that’s why I chose this route. Plus set up time is ridiculously low, and I can use rain water I have collected.

So my question is, the xero is just slow with filling the tank, and admittedly not what it was meant for. Has anyone made an ro/di home base system, or purchased one that can put out more gallons per hour? I was wanting to get around 100 at least. I am looking to possibly fit multiple trucks with 100 gallon tanks in the future, and when it takes me 2-3 hours to fill that could be a lot to ask of the xero. (obviously I will keep the xero for large commercial) Any tips/ideas would be appreciated.

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What is your tds from the tap?
A full DI tank with 3/4 hose on both sides may do the trick.

No, the TDS here is really high. 250-270. So definitely need 3 stage.

You’ve got two basic options:

  1. A larger volume system with 2 or more RO membranes plumbed in parallel
  2. A system that incorporates a holding tank that gets filled up overnight/constantly. You could get one or two IBC tote tanks and install a float valve to shut off the flow from the purification system when the tank is full. Then you could use air displacement or gravity to quickly transfer the purified water to your on-board tanks.

If I was to do the holding tank idea with the float valve, even if the current was shut off the waist water would still run. Does that break down the membrane faster?

Also how long would the water stay pure in a black holding tank?

I would try and find a float valve that has a threaded outlet, so that it could shutoff the supply line going to the RO

In a proper tank (like HDPE) water should stay pure indefinitely, provided there is no sunlight or sources of organic growth.

thank you, this helps a lot.

You should consider the Xero Pure 2x. 1.5-2.0 gpm without a pump on normal tap pressure which is usually 4gpm or 40 PSI. We used it at the Huge Demo and got 2 gpm. Another option would be the Wall Mount unit from RHG. It needs a pump 12v or 110

Are you DIY savvy when it comes to this kind of equipment? Or are you looking to simply purchase a system that is already set up and ready to use?

There are several pre-manufactured systems that have 2 4040 ROs.
has 2 different models of dual 4040 cart setups. They claim that one version can produce up to 2.7gpm.

There are plenty of ways to build your own system that can produce over 2gpm (and will save you mucho $$ compared to the pre-built ones), but I didn’t want to offer unsolicited advice in this regard unless you were pretty confident that you would prefer the DIY route.

I am capable when it comes to DIY stuff. I would be interested going that route, especially if I knew what to get.

Howdy! Sorry for the delay in responding.
Alex Lacey’s response is covers the basic options. There are YouTube videos of fellas who have built their own DIY systems that auto fill based on a float valve in a holding tank. You could even plumb your system to use your Xero Pure so that you don’t have to buy more membranes.
Adding a 2nd membrane will easily increase your pure water production. You can find stainless steel membrane housings equivalent to the one on your Xero Pure for $99 on Ebay, and then you can buy an Axeon Hf5 membrane or similar from online retailers for around $250. You could set up your home system with one or even 2 of these if you wanted to leave your Xero pure free to be mobile.

If you didn’t want or have room for a large holding tank as part of your home-based system, a pump will boost your production especially when it is cold (not sure where you live, haha). KleenRiteCorp has the best prices I have found online. You can buy a 5.3gpm rotary vane pump & .75hp Marathon Motors carbonator motor for less than $350. (That same pump & motor are sold by RHG for $850 or something like that, but you can easily set it up yourself if you are DIY savvy.) This will help you max out the production from your Xero Pure (maximum recommended production is around 1.7gpm), or you can add a 2nd membrane to the setup and easily get over 2gpm. Two membranes and the pump would allow you to fill your 100 gal tank in less than an hour in most any weather (cold temps reduce the RO production capacity significantly)
The DIY route is definitely cheaper, but it can take time and involve mistakes along the way. But it often affords opportunities to learn, and I think it can be fun : )
Hopefully this helps; sorry if it is excessive, haha

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