Coming to the USA! NEW FaceLift Phoenix VanMount Systems

Over the last week or so you may have seen some images flying around for the new VanMount Systems from Facelift… If you haven’t , no problem… within a few weeks WCR will have the new systems in store!

This will be the most functional and user friendly system at the same time as being the best looking… We’ve pooled the best resources in this industry to make this range of systems and the results are epic!

Here is a small preview…

So what IS included in the New FaceLift Phoenix VanMount Systems?

Well, to summarise… Everything.

We decided to offer the full kit, everything you expect when you hand over your money to a manufacturer… Historically the norm has been you pay for a system and then get stung with charges for accessories which are pretty necessary to most… We wanted to give our system owners less of a headache (and to be honest, make our job easier when quoting!)

Every FaceLift Phoenix VanMount will leave the factory complete and ready to work, leaving who ever is installing it to bolt it down, connect the hose fittings to the inside or outside of the vehicle and connect a wire. Easy.

The price you see at our best distributors will include the following;

  • BlackBox Controllers
  • Pumps and strainers
  • Chosen Filters (Full)
  • Multi point anchorage and fitting kit
  • Water level gauge
  • Battery AND split charge relay with inline fuse
  • Internal OR external ports for filling and pump outlets (brass and NOT plastic)
  • TDS meter (handheld)
  • Filter housing spanner (on RO only)
  • Auto shut off
  • Instruction manual

The inevitable questions of “is there a fast fill option” and “can I add hot water?” are both YES…

If this leaves you wondering “where is all that gear inside?” … Here is a short YouTube clip of the system taking a spin and showing its insides! This gives you a pretty good idea of how well designed this system is…


Feel free to fire any questions over… Everyone at WCR will be up to speed with the tech’s of all the systems in the next few weeks so until then I’m here to help!


Mike @ Facelift…

Very nice! Within the year I will be purchasing a sytem like this for my personal van so I look forward to seeing all the specs and cost.

It’s super sexy looking but I wish it had the hoses and reels incorporated into the system.

Best looking one that I have seen and ready to learn more

Thanks for the feedback…

The Facelift ProLoc reels can be bolted down right next to the system in your van and take up minimal floor space… Big hit in Europe!

Instant wood!

Simple. Straight forward. I like the design. Looking forward to reviews and/or seeing these up close.

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning
Montréal, Québec

Thanks for the instant feedback!

At Facelift we have a history of building systems for years… These systems were designed by window cleaners and other team members who have been in the industry for more than 5 years… We even sent our designer out with window cleaners for a few days so he could get a good idea of the issues facing shiners day in, day out…

We wanted to create something beautiful and ergonomic…

Information yet?? :slight_smile: Im not a patient person

i hope this is not a strip down version of the European specs. The ability to operate the system with the blackbox controllers with your phone is amazing.

Not a chance… The specs will be EXACTLY the same as the UK and EU models… and together with WCR we will offer the same after sales care…

The whole range will launch in June so I’ll keep you posted…

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I think we could have these in 4-6 weeks…

[MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] Have an idea on pricing yet? I just sold one of my two WF setups and looking to try something in the van

I don’t have the official pricing just yet. But I will surely keep you posted.

Does anyone know how big the foot print and dimensions on the 92 gallon unit?

Any information would be great.


The 92 gallon systems dimensions are as follows. 40" x 34" (40" Tall)

Thanks guys! For the one that you’re selling, how many users is that model? Is it set up with their new Bluetooth controller? How big is the di tank?

Joshua Adriance
Pure Water Window Cleaning

I am waiting on a bit of confirmation but from what I believe, these do come with the new space-age controller.

I’ll have to wait to let you know how many users can operate on one system.

And this particular unit holds 92 gallons or 350 liters.

I’ll be back to get you some more solid info.



Guys, we can pretty much build the systems to suit…

The Bluetooth control is almost good to go, final testing in in progress for the App and controller, currently we are selling with the standard digital flow controller with battery meter built in.

The 350 Litre system is set for a single user with a 100psi pump

The 500 litre can be supplied with a single or twin 100psi pumps on board

The 650 litre is supplied with twin 100psi pumps on board

Each system can either be delivery only (no filters) DI Only or RO and DI.

If you need any info please fire the questions over to me or on here! I’d be happy to help…

We are ready to build anytime and can expect any orders for system to reach customers around 30 days after order.